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  1. Actually My experience With 'Your Phone' App had been Horrible as it can be, Samsung's own Screen Mirroring(Samsung Flow I guess) works better as a Screen Mirroring Or a remote access Option, But I was Looking for My mouse to seamlessly flow to My Android Device Via the Same Wifi Connection Between them
  2. I always use my Laptop by keeping my Phone on a Tripod nearby, But every time a Notification Pops up or a message comes, I have to Pick it up to check, Is there a Application similar to Synergy(Which allows PC to PC Mouse Sharing) which can allow me to use the same Mouse and keyboard connected to my Laptop for my Android (Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime)?
  3. I am looking forward on earning income from programming, I have a very very basic knowledge in Popular languages, But haven't excelled in anyone. I wish to master either Python or JavaScript... The thing I worries about JS -- A lot of Frameworks and Libraries to keep Up with The things I worry about Python -- A lot of people mastered it, worried that that may reduce the demand -- I am not actually sure what will I do as Freelancing Project if I master Python.