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  1. Underclocking did not help, and my GPU isnt able to under volt within afterburner settings. I'm going to assume that I need to RMA. Unless there is something else I can do?
  2. Not yet, but wouldnt that be a temporary way to solve this? I am on stock clock. I'm not currently using any overclocks. Could I clean the PCB and see if that helps?
  3. Not sure whats going on here. Ive driver wiped, reinstalled windows, and reinstalled games. Though im still getting weird texture flashes or slight artifacting. Some games will just crash and go back to desktop, or will just stop and freeze. Some games run just fine and have no issues. It appears to be issues with shadows more than anything I believe, some games will get small white dots inside of shadows. There also appears to be some stuttering as well. PSU is new and works just fine, not sure if it could be a VRAM issue or just maybe my ram cards in general. My ssd is also in good health a
  4. Nevermind, I found that I had to go to realteks website and manually download the 2020 driver. Apparently I had a driver from 2018 for my 2.5gb connection. Plus come to find my main ethernet port to my router stopped working. If I plug the cable into it for either 1gb or 2.5gb, none work at all.
  5. I've looked everywhere online for solutions, yet I still havent managed to resolve my issue. I've reset the network, did a repair install of windows, reset my bios, deleted the network drivers then reinstalled them. I dont think the port is broken considering it still flashes and is showing a connection. I also get the error invalid ip configuration. Someone please help me fix this.
  6. Understandable. I just didnt know what was going on exactly. Thank you for properly informing me. I figured it out after a bit, but I also appreciate the reassurance.
  7. Well currently I'm a 60 Hertz. Those seem to be issues at higher refresh rates at least. Could be related, but I'm not going to make assumptions.
  8. I'm not certain. I swear I've always had it set to maximum performance on global and never had any issues with downclocking. I assumed the global settings only applied to the games I was playing, not my desktop.
  9. In the next update I'd like to see nvidia fix this issue. I use a 2070 super with afterburner, and I'm having issues with my card refusing to downclock after I've set my power setting to "maximum performance" in the global settings within the nvidia control panel. I never had this issue until recently, everytime I set it to maximum performance on global, it gets stuck until I change it back to optimal or adaptive and then reboot. Completely bizarre that this happened out of nowhere. I tried rolling back to a differnt driver but that didnt help. I personally never had my GPU refusing to downclo
  10. Okay so I restored my nivida control panel. That seems to have temporarily fixed the issue. Though what I dont understand is, I've always had my control panel set to quality settings. What could be causing this in the 3D settings?
  11. What do you mean by GPU-Z? And what is iirc in nividas control panel?
  12. Yes, I've already done that. Overall the GPU works fine with no artifacting. Though I have no idea what its utilizing.
  13. Not sure what's causing it, but this has never happened before. I recently bought a new moniter and it messed with my computer software somehow. Not sure what it did honestly, though I recently returned it and went back to my old set up. Anyway now sometimes it will get stuck at high memory and a high GPU clock on idle for no reason that I can think of. I managed to make it stop after disabling nividas experimental features, though it appears that didnt entirely stop the issue. After playing a game, afterburner then had it stuck with 1600 MHz and mem 5000-6000. I already did a driver wipe a fe
  14. I just had to do a ton of optimizing to get my orginal settings back to normal. Ended up buying a refurbished moniter, that had some odd issues and messed with some of my settings and software. Real odd, but I geuss it's to be expected. Though it could of been the fact that my gpu might of been too overclocked for higher resolutions due to the minor artifacts. Not really sure what it was, though it had clouded and flickering visuals on the screen. So it really wasn't worth trying to figure out. My old display will due until I can afford a brand new display instead.
  15. Sorry, nevermind. I figured out the issue. Had something to do with the opaque adjustment lol.