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  1. My previous understanding based on a prior LTT video was that LTT has to claim videos by default for some legal reasons, but you can contest it and get the revenue back and the release of the copyright.
  2. Just an FYI. I am not sure how this works and why it happened. Video title is: "You're Being Misled". I am not sure if I can post a link to the video. I will have to consult the rules before doing so.
  3. I did it "just in case", from what I have read is that any paint will keep you from grounding yourself. I was working on my build for 5 hours, and not shocking something is possible but I don't want to risk anything.
  4. I recently put in an X570 mobo in preparation for Ryzen 3 and one hint was to scratch the paint off the PSU grill and ground yourself on it (using a ESD band). AFAIK the PSU has to be connected to ground, meaning plugged in bit turned off (safety).
  5. I think this is going to take some analysis to verify if this is correct. I am not holding my breath.