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  1. so i tried something , trailmakers i always had issues with that game on hdd just deleted it en put it on the ssd and yup still issues. so now im hundred percent certain. so i wil be sending it out thx for the help
  2. so still dealing with this issue, had to stop gaming for a while because work and school.and i was gonna send out the gpu on monday for warranty replacement. but i just realised something could it be a faulty hdd? i just realised this but when playing cod i have matches that have issues some not and if i join the match and i have no issues the first 2sec iknow the match will have zero issues ben when the match ends and a new one loads up and i have a texture issue int the beginning it wil be so the whole game like thath, also when starting the game up to menu if the startup has no issues
  3. The gpu was reseated. I did a ddu And have played about 4hours no issue. I wil wait some more but if the issue comes back im just going to send it back i have no other system to test it on. Thx everyone
  4. so far ive played about 10minutes and no issues so far i wil play some more and see if its actually fixed thanks.
  5. Just did the ddu and reinstal and no i havent touched it, sinds i built it
  6. Ah ok im sorry but its not only that game its almost all games cod,rb6...
  7. could u explain wat that is? is it unstalling the drivers? because i already once de intsalled amd drivers and reinstalled them
  8. in the ubisoft game u can see the lines in the first pic in the middle that goes to the right. thats wat i also find weird is that it shows up on screenshot
  9. i did a clean radeon driver reinstall and did not help.
  10. so few days ago started another topic with this gpu then it was fixed for 2days or so but now its back and maybe even worse so im starthing to think my gpu is faulty specs 5700xt 5 3600x a 570 pro 16gb corsair ddr4 ram 650w coolermaster psu the system is about 4 months old now started having gpu issues about 2-3 weeks ago temps are all around 65 both cpu and gpu
  11. so i have been gaming al day long and have not had anything happen so far. so this might be fixed thank u alot!
  12. ok i cleaned it and reseated it, i will let u know if this fixed it. thx anyway for the help.
  13. ok il try this now, could it be possible because of dust? because its a little bit dusty because i have my case open.
  14. im going to give this a try. but its hard to know if its fixed because sometimes i dont have it for a day and sometimes multiple times a day
  15. ive searched for people with the same issue but havent found anyone.and its in multiple games even very rarely in youtube
  16. i deleted my gpu drivers and reinstalled a previous stable version and its gotten alot better but its still there sometimes.
  17. i did a benchmark and everything is good except it says my hdd is alot slower than others with the same hdd, could that be related?
  18. so this happends sometimes in games the weird thing is it show op in screenshots gpu temp around 65 cpu temp around 60 hardware x570a pro rx5700xt ryzen 5 3600x cooler master 650w could it be a faulty gpu? everything is about 4months old the weird thing is it show op in screenshots
  19. so about 2 weeks ago i randomly got some weird pixel flickerings on my screen(image) and i have no clue what it could be i know its not the monitor because when i take a screenshot the weird pixels apear on the screenshot everyting in my system is about 4months old. my system ryzen 5 3600x radeon 5700xt 16gb corsair ram msi x570 a pro cooler master mwe 230v 650w 80plus hyper 212 black editon evo it has happened only a few times but it seems like it is getting more and more regular. i dont know if this is a software or hardware issue