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  1. Found the XMP. It's a beauty! But it also overclocks the CPU to 4.1!! I didn't mean that. Fortunately, the temperature only rises by 8 degrees.
  2. Yes, I love this system despite I have a new rig built last November which is a 9600K based on ROG STRIX Z390-F, the BIOS is much easier to go XMP. Just now I returned from going into the BIOS but couldn't find the XMP button. BUT really like to see if 16GB would help the overall performance like loading speed ...
  3. Thanks for reminding I have forgotten memory can be overclocked. I have found another USEFUL info here https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/max-memory-speed-for-i5-3570k.2466292/ If I am not overclocking then what I have got right now seems to be just about right EXCEPT the capacity. Hard to find CL9 DDR3 now.
  4. Seems more on the nah side Maybe I should save the money, the kits are nearly $100, not cheap.
  5. I see you yourself is using a 2x8GB kit. So any games which use memory beyond 8GB in your case?
  6. For 2133, I have found a kit the timing is 9-11-11-31, is this timing better than 10-12-12-30?
  7. Hi Folks, My current rig is CPU: Intel Core i5-3570K Mem: Corsair Dominator 2x4GB DDR3@1866MHz C9-10-9-27 Cooling: Corsair H60 Hydro Series 120MM AIO Mobo: ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX RX 570 4GB O/C *very good card I find it still very capable for some old games and use it for gaming mainly, no media creation that sort of tasks. As such I like to revamp it with a brand new case. In retrospect, when I put together this machine, I was a bit on a budget so it was setup with only 4x2GB = 8GB (Dual channel). It was pricy at the time DDR3 was. I want to upgrad
  8. Have seen quite a number of RTX 3000 ray tracing videos - Watch Dog Legion. If you ask me, I would say they are overdone. Too many shinny surfaces and do reflections need to be that 100%? They are making assumptions that all cars are polished and have shinny surfaces. Could the water on the road be a bit dirty so they wont be as reflective as a mirror? What you guys think? P.S. I hope RX6000 series will be better in this aspect.
  9. Yes, great thanks. It was turned on in game. But why would in game default sets it so?
  10. I have another question. I'm currently using a cheap BenQ GW2270. When I played Mafia II (original) with all settings max'd out, but MSI Afterburner monitoring tool showed the FPS being 60 ALL THE TIME. My setup is 9600K+RX570(OC). In my old LG (dead already), the FPS wnt above 100. My current issue is related to Windows 10 or because this cheap BenQ monitor is only max'd at 60Hz?
  11. What if ray tracing is not important to me? Then I surely will go for AMD becoz it is way cheaper. But if ray tracing is implement in every game in the coming future, then I will certainly need RT and will go for RTX because nVidia has DLSS as an alternative.
  12. So, can we presume that in fact both nVidia and AMD implement ray tracing using the DX12 libraries. On top of that, the card is taking up the role of speeding up the ray tracing rendering by hardware?
  13. Sorry, I want to get this right: 1) So there is a button in the OSD or in the nVidia panel for me to enabled VRR? 2) When the game max out the 144Hz, I don't need to enabled VRR because it's already over 144Hz?
  14. I have some old games like the Sims 3 and the Sims 4. With the forthcoming 6800XT, it can easily saors to 300+ FPS, I am just worrying about some old games I play. Isn't that the idea of getting variable refresh rate and high refresh rate monitor is to cope with the situation I just mentioned?