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  1. I made a similar topic a month or so ago, when the new Ryzen CPUs weren't out yet, and y'all told me to just wait, so I did. Now that they're out, I want to know how to pick a motherboard, so I'm not stuck with one on the wrong firmware. I would rather have one be ready out of the box since I'm not at all familiar with BIOS updating. I've looked upon the ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4 and it seems nice for what I need, but since it was out before the Ryzen 5000 launch, I can't be sure that what the stores have on stock is Ryzen 5000 ready. Any suggestions how to approach this problem? My lo
  2. The store I wanted to buy all that stuff from offers bios updates for cheap actually, but I'll see what I can get first. I just don't want to accidentally buy a motherboard, that let's say laid there in stock for a month or more and is still on the old firmware, therefore my question to be as certain as I can when buying
  3. I see, thanks. I might get one that's compatible and just ask the store guys to update it for me then. Also btw, do you know how long it usually takes for motherboards to be updated after new CPU releases?
  4. I've heard about that too, but tbh I've never done this and if it's possible, I'd rather get one that's on the right firmware out of the box. But if I have to, how does qflash work, what's the process like?
  5. I want to upgrade my old PC with a new CPU (i5-2500 right now), and therefore also a new motherboard when Zen 3 releases in November. But I've heard motherboards require updates before installing a completely new CPU, and I've also heard often those updates require an old compatible CPU to update, which I do not have access to, and they seem quite complicated and risky for a beginner that I am anyways. Which motherboards should I be looking at to make sure it's compatible out of the box?