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    ]Ambitious student who loves tech
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    Tech, and everything related
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    I love technology, but note that I am a student, so what I say is based on what I heard, not tried
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    Chrome OS Windows 10
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    Asus R11 chromebook Dell Inspiron 2012
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  1. tbh there is not one perfect site, I just look through reviews on tech power up and tom's hardware forum and watch youtubers such as gamer's nexus and jayz2cents for info
  2. I'm sorry, but you probably didn't know this. Userbenchmark is so biased towards intel, nobody uses them anymore. Ask anybody on the forum who is relativley old
  3. I'm sorry but this is just incorrect. The 5600x beats i5 11600, Get a 5600x with a b550 gaming edge wifi and some 36000mhz cl16 ram
  4. Ok, it's time to join this discussion, I fully agree with the OP here based on me watching other content types, mostly gaming, and seeing that youtuber's like Blitz for example in his No Man's sky video he put #ad in the title where it is visible. The case is similar where he has been given a free key to the game. He has to fully disclose the fact that this video is sponsored, or supported. And while I understand these are two different categories, I believe the rules should be the same. Many of these popular gaming youtuber's affect the decisions of many people wether to buy a gam
  5. yea mostly artificial, but there are some plants and grass
  6. imagine this but in kuwait were 50 degrees celsius is normal in summer
  7. I recently updated to 2021.17f1, but my quality is still no where near that and what you did is really cool, but by the time I reach that level, I'd have a gpu
  8. well i have been running unity and blender on a i3 2nd gen and a gt 525m, so i think the vega 8 igpu will increase alot. I forgot to mention is that im still in the very basics, and i am a 13 year old who only know how to make simple low poly characters and animations and make them move in unity
  9. Have you ever tried freight forwarding before? what sources can you trust?
  10. thankfully newegg ships most things free and there are some local shops or else, it couldn't be worse
  11. in our country it's 10 dollar tax on everything, so prices are usually higher. Oh and it's a hard to get to country, you have to go through the sues canal and then turn into the arabian gulf