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    ]Ambitious student who loves tech
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    Tech, and everything related
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    I love technology, but note that I am a student, so what I say is based on what I heard, not tried
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  1. I would suggest a better motherboard, like the x570 ace, and the fans are way expensive, I definetly love them, but maybe spend that money on cheaper fans and spend it somewhere else
  2. yeah, thanks, I'll look more into it, but I' hoping @LinusTechdoes a video about it
  3. I researched and it seems to be for mmos with multiple charatcers, I mean like one game, one save, just different povs and all synced together, though that's a start
  4. I really hope linus reads this, so I'm even tagging him @LinusTech, So I also made a thread about this. So can you open a program, open it multiple times, but they are all linked together? Like in thhe game Oxygen Not included, traxking each dupe on it's own would be beneficial, also I can see other people making use of it. So is it possiblem, or just a far fetched dream, or even linux can do it
  5. atleast he knows the slots and what adapters are, in our sschool some people need help to open google
  6. I don't know how to explain this well, but for example let's take ONI (Oxygen not included), you manage a colony of duplicants, who are very dumb and get their self stuck alot, so let's say I have enough screen space, can I open the game more than once, link it all together, and have one on the main game, and a seperate window to follow cam each dupe, which helps in mangement and gives each a buff? Can this also apply to other application? I know this is very janky, and I might post this to the video idea thread as well, so is it possible:
  7. you might need to explain the difference between input and output
  8. Well I can't blame him, I used to think the same thing, and maybe yu could teach him one day
  9. I mean not everyone knows what they stand for, if a non-techie wants to buy a ssd or hdd, this would make it easier
  10. So if you watched on of the recent WAN shows, you might've seen linus' discussion on ram terminology. Here is the stuff i understand: Mhz is the unit for the clock mT\s is the amount of transfers per second In ddr, mT\s is double the Mhz, hence the Double Data rate name Sdr, is single data rate (half), Qdr is quad data rate (double ddr) Here is the stuuf I want to know: Let's say ram had a speed of 1mhz, is the unit measurment for oe whole cycle? Like On then Off is 1 mhz, or is On 1 mhz and Off 1 mhz Also, how can there be improvement on
  11. I guess, I prefer oled anyways, but miniLED is also very good
  12. I actually am lost on this one, I love the deeper blacks, but brightmess is also very important to me, I wish they make a hybrid product or something Edit: I believe the hybrid is microLED, correct me if I am wrong
  13. yeah, like the one I linked https://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Xbox-360-Kinect-Sensor-Adapter/dp/B00JVI6BVY
  14. well, bent pins on cpus could make them not work, but if you can carefully bend them back you really hit the ackpot this time
  15. do you mean this adapter? https://www.amazon.com/Microsoft-Xbox-360-Kinect-Sensor-Adapter/dp/B00JVI6BVY