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    I love technology, but note that I am a student, so what I say is based on what I heard, not tried
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  1. then the 5800x, these 4 at once will make the cpu hot. Either the 5800x, or if you can the 5900x. Since you might need the more cores
  2. do you want rtx? that is the decider, if yes, 3080, if no then 6800 xt.
  3. It is probably more reliale than Intel. It actually tends to stick to one socket, so you don't need a new motherboard every time you want to upgrade the cpu, so get amd 5600x and 6800 xt
  4. amd is currently the king in cpus, and equal to nvidia in gpus, get amd. It used to be very bade a couple of years ago, now it is the best
  5. well if you oc or do heavy workloads then you'll need a cooler anyways. But in any case, I'd get a 5800x or wait for the rumoured 5700x, they are so much better in terms of performance, and deserve the extra money
  6. chromebook will be great, I run a google meet while opening 2 dozens other tabs, use it for school work can handle what you want, get a chromebook
  7. cooler, get a d15 or a h115i/h150i capellix and you can oc like you did to the i5, even reaching 4.6/4.7ghz all core
  8. what is your gpu.anti-aliasing is more of an anti-stable feature thana good one, can cause fps drops, since it is too much on most gpus
  9. yeah it shouldn't, do you have anti-aliasing on, if so, turn it off, also what is your gpu
  10. Minecraft, there are levels, the higher level you are the better enchantment you get, so the levelling has a point, pve is verrrrrryyyyyyyy encouraged, since there are tons of mobs, monsters that attack you, you get thanked for your power and how advanced you are by building a beacon to get effects that aid you, pvp is there and that community is huge. It has melee, swords axes, and long range, bows crossbows, and there are also a ton of mods if you are interested, but the blocky theme might not suit you, that is the only flaw in your criteria
  11. maybe, do you oc, and do you use the stovk cooler?
  12. what is your full system, the broken one comes from the graphics card. the working one is from the cpu igpu, did you check all the drivers. igpu is much worse and weaker than normal gpu so it mught have issues
  13. that motherboard is good, but the mortar max is better as for ram at least 3600mhz cl16, try for the rgb pro 2x8gb 3600mhz cl16 kit mp510 for storage for power supply rm650x/rm750x