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  1. While encrypting a drive, I was got an error: "veraCrypt::Bootencryption::calldriver1103" I was told that a disk partition is damaged, and I can use a third party software to fix it, so the rest of the disk can be encrypted. Anyone know about this issue and how I can fix it?
  2. I'm currently thinking of creating a simple cheap to run file server, that I can access both online and from home. Will it be possible to create such a thing by connecting a sad to my Netgear R7500 router? And if it is how should I go about it in order to make it work both on LAN and off site? And what about privacy? Will my ISP be able to view the files?
  3. Ok wow if a legit/legal key is that cheap I will for sure upgrade. And yes I should have written SSD instead of HDD... Old happits I guess :S
  4. I was thinking of going that route, but knowing myself there would be a great chance that I lose the USB or ends up storing in the same bag as the laptop.. Which kindda defeats the purpose .
  5. I was thinking of going with bitlocker, but I as fare as I know it doesn't work with windows home edition. Why I want to encrypt my laptop is that I want to make sure that my files are safe if I should be so unlucky to get my laptop stolen.
  6. Hey I'm currently thinking of encryption my HDD on my laptop. But as we all know, encryption (no matter standard) is only as powerful as the password used. I would absolutely hate to have to put in (and try to remember) a long password every time, therefore I want to know if there is any great (preferably freeware/opensource) software that lets me encrypt my laptop, but then lets my unlock it with my phone? Like its known for many two step auth.
  7. Has it? Also so I can access them 24/7 online from both PC and mobile? And what about if I would need transcoding for streaming? (A feature not a must have)
  8. I'm looking into using my currently gaming rig to run a NAS server (might need to update some parts). My current reg is s running: I7-7700k 16 GB og ram Gtx 1080 256 GB nvme as boot drive. 1 tb for Windows software and gaming. 2 X 4 TB for storage My plan is to run Windows 10 as my main tool for productivity (video and photo editing) and sometimes gaming. Then I also want to run a 24/7 NAS server as a virtuel machine, for primarily file storage and secondary streaming my files at home. My questions is: • What performa
  9. I read the other day, that encryption of hardware, is becoming increasingly useless do to the computational power of GPUs. So to increase my security I was thinking if there is any encryption software that "breaks" or just starts to shreds once files if there has been to many attempts of breaching the system?
  10. Hi I'm looking for the option to set a password pre-boot so it impossible to boot-load any OS or go around windows without the password. I'm running a Asus prime Z270-p motherboard, and can't find any option for it in bios.