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    AMD Athlon II X4 630 (4c/4t @2.8GHz)
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    Gigabyte M68MT-S2P
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    2x Corsair DDR3 4GB
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  1. I will say this was much more true awhile back, but most CPUs are so much more efficient then they were in the past. The TDP of that CPU is ~65 Watts, a cheaper mobo should be able to run that just fine.
  2. I was able to fix it by doing this // While loop to count how many of each vowel(s) are in the lowercase string while(1) { // Stores the user input in userString scanf("%s", userString); // Ends the program when the user enters CTRL+D if (feof(stdin)) { break; } Essentially just had to switch it so the scanf is before the feof(stdin) statement.
  3. This program is designed to count how many vowels are in the words the user input, and the program ends when the user does CNTR+D. For some reason the last time the loop runs it always adds the last found vowel a second time. So you would enter 'a' and it would say there were 2 of them. #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> int main(){ // Creates string variable to store the users input char userString[64]; // Prompts user for a string printf("Please enter a string that is all lowercase and less than 50 charecters\n"); // Creates
  4. Yeah it's not gonna have any problems, that's the bottom line.
  5. It won't affect anything, because 1.4 has a higher maximum bandwidth than 1.2, so it shouldn't be any problems at all.
  6. According to the PSU Tier List it's an A tier PSU. So that would be really good option.
  7. You should try unplugging the connection to your pc and then try plugging it back in. You should also try pulling up the OSD, to see if its something wrong with you monitor or with computer. If the OSD doesn't come up it could be your monitor has most likely died.
  8. Well when one of them is damaged it makes it easier for the other ones to become damaged as well. But in theory you should be able to read off all the other platters, but nothing off the one that is broken.
  9. It sounds like the fan is gonna die soon, you could RMA it, but you could also wait til the fan dies
  10. Yeah and in those three weeks the rest of the drives fail during the rebuild lmao
  11. I know you've done like Amazon desk setup and a Monoprice desk setup. I'd love to see a desk setup made up of all Onn branded products. Which is Walmart's electronics brand which was seen in this video:
  12. You can check this out for how to do it: https://itsfoss.com/install-ubuntu-1404-dual-boot-mode-windows-8-81-uefi/
  13. Yeah you can, I'm not sure exactly how you do it tho.
  14. Yeah I'm thinking I'm gonna wait then, cause I'd love to have some additional ports as well if that rumor is true
  15. Yeah that's what I've been thinking. Tho they do have a deal when you buy a Macbook you get free airpods. But it's probably better to just wait then buy just for the deal.