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  1. Idk if this the right topic to put this under. So basically I recently built my first pc. I played some doom eternal on it, it was fine no lag pretty high frames. Then after I hoped to play some fortnite with my friend and that's when the thing happened. I was getting high frames in game with the max I was getting 190 Fps but other wise it was any where between 150 and 170fps but thing was that I had stupidly high ping where I was just getting a little more than 1,000 ping even though I had a wired internet connection. So idk what to do. What do you guys recommend I should do. P.s. I also turn
  2. I'm pretty new to the pc building, with this being my first build. I was just wondering when buying ram is there anything I should look out for like any of the specs of the ram?