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  1. I would prefer not having to immediately buy an amp. If I did get the 80 ohm, I would get an amp down the line but not immediately because I could save more money for a good one. Really it's up to audio right now for me. It would be mostly for gaming and if the audio really isn't different for gaming, that makes me lean to getting 80 ohm.
  2. I'd be fine getting an amp, how much of a difference is there between the 2?
  3. You're probably right, but the PC38X are not my favorite looking and I also prefer no mic, and with the TYGR 300R's unless I was looking in the wrong place they were either very expensive or sold out.
  4. Would you recommend the 250 ohm or 80 ohm version?
  5. I was looking into the DT 990 pros for a while, and I know everywhere says that open back are the best for gaming, but I would really prefer closed back because I don't want my mic picking up sound or people who are in my room to hear what I'm hearing. I am also in no way a pro gamer, so I don't need the absolute best audio. I'm more casual so I really just need something comfortable and good looking that gets the job done better than a regular gaming headset would. So with my thoughts do you think it would be a smart decision to go with the DT 770s?
  6. What is the best wired headset for mainly gaming around $150. I can go above or below that budget if needed, and I also don't need a mic attached. Thanks
  7. Is the HyperX Cloud Flight S the best wireless headset for gaming around its price point?
  8. Ok, thank you for the advice. I was looking into the cloud flights and saw the Cloud Flights S and I wanted to know your opinion on these compared to the normal ones.
  9. Why do you think this one would be better?
  10. Looking for a good wireless headset for gaming and general use around $150 or less. I'd like them to have a retractable or detachable mic if there is one. My top choice right now is the Arctis 7 but I wanted some other input. Thanks!
  11. I've heard 1080p doesn't look great on 27 inch
  12. Mainly playing popular game titles
  13. With my PC (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/gHfBQq) what is the best monitor/monitor specs I can get for under $300?
  14. Is the ASUS TUF 24 Inch a good monitor around the price for 24 inch, 144hz, 1080p gaming, or are there better options