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  1. @Tigerleon @Psittac So i snatched the x2hr for equivalent of 105$. I hope they do come in good condition or otherwise I will return them Thanks for help with choosing the best set Edit I was just sent info that they are missing the instruction and one earpad. Once they arrive I will test them and see if everything functions properly. I'm considering either buying replacement pads or just returning them and getting brand new for 165$. The replacment pads from what I've seen cos around 15$ but I have no idea if that would change any of my experien
  2. @Psittac @Tigerleon what would be the difference between the fidelios x2 and x2hr? I think you have both swayed me towards phillips and I might go for them since the outlet that offers them is located in my hometown.
  3. Beyerdynamic Tyger 300r seem an intresting option but in Poland you cannot get them. They seem to be only sold as a Team Tyger set for way over my budget. I was looking at the availability od the dt770pro and they seem intresting and maybe later on down the road I would get for the Sound Blaster 5 as @Tigerleon suggested. The Phillips X2HR seem an intresting option as well. I found an offer in an outlet for around 120$ (after converting from my currency). I'm currently torn between the dt 770 pro and the phillips X2HR so I would have to consider these 2 sets. But looking
  4. What amp/DAC did you use with them?
  5. I know the motherboard uses a Realtek ALC 1200. So you since higher ohms tend to be harder to drive wouldn't it be better to get the 80ohm version for the time or will there be a lot of difference between 80 and 250 versions once I get amp/dac?
  6. Could you suggest any amp that would work good with them? Also as Im totally green in the topic what difference does the amount of ohms make?
  7. Currently here in Poland the DT 770 are around what would be equivalent of 130$, but that does not include a dac/amp which I take, from your post above, would make the experience better. I don't care for the mic right now since I don't plan on playing any multiplayer, and my sennheisers will be sufficent to do video chats for my last year of uni if the pandemic situation doesn't change. Could you send me some more suggestions over here or pm, since it would be cool to have good audio with my first build
  8. I'm looking for headphones to finish off my brand new gaming build. Currently I'm going for mainly singleplayer titles so mic is an option I can purchase later. Currently I have a pair of Sennheiser hd 4.40 bt, but I use them as my daily headphones to connect with phone and listen to music. I was thinking for getting something for my gaming rig. While scrolling here I saw that one of the most often suggested sets are Beyerdynamic DT 770 or in other few posts I saw MH751 as one of the better headsets. I would appriciate suggestions of great sound quality on a budget of up to 150$
  9. I was thinking of expanding the memory in order to not keep everything on that single m.2
  10. Im considering expanding my memory. Currently I got a singgle stick samsung 970 evo 1tb. My motherboard offers one more m.2 slot however I was considering whether should go for it and grab another m.2 or maybe go get a bigger sata ssd. The rig is used mainly for gaming with a ryzen 5600x and a rtx 3080
  11. Taking purely the looks of them from the leaks of how the card looks I do like the looks of sapphire nitro 6800xt. The tuf if is as good as the ampere cards is good value however I dont like the look of the backplate which looks like something drove over it. The Strix looks awsome to me but in ampere its rather pricey and I read that the rx5700xt strix wasnt that good. Also from the msi presented the gamimg x trio looks appealing. Im waiting though for benchmarks of the reference carda to decide if to cancel my order for rtx 3080 tuf or not cause after what Lisa Su presented at the
  12. So I'm doing my first build and already secured myslef a ryzen 5 5600x, now I'm on the hunt for a new radeon 6800xt. The question is so many companies are responsible for the reference model? All they all alike with the same fan, the same pcb used differing only with color scheme or a producer sticker? Or are there some hardware differences I should be aware off? I don't know yet if I will go with the reference model or maybe one of the custom one's like asuses tuf gaming or a gaming x trio from msi. Having in mind that the reference models will launch a week or two ahead of partne
  13. I went with the 5600x, already got it here with me, thanks everyone for help and suggestions
  14. "...the 8-core Zen3 CPU performs like a 12-core Zen2 CPU (such as Ryzen 9 3900X), leaving 10900K uncompetitive." This is a quote from SiSoftware from their internal testing. Using this as a suggestion, would going for the 5800x even though it highest cost per core, be reasonable?
  15. Do you guys think that the amount of cores and threads might mean a greater boost while combaining it with a 6000series card? For example will 5800x boost numbers be higher then the 5600x due to the 5800x having 2 more cores?