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  1. I just decided to make a build a couple of months ago and boy did I regret it lol. Just finished making it yesteday and all i need is the GPU, but like everywhere in the world there is unprecedented GPU shortages and they are way overpriced. Locally have 2 options.. MSI gaming x trio 3070 for 715 Euros and Saphire Pulse 6800 for 825 Euros. Normally i would wait but i just want to game right now on a vacation for 3 weeks lol but the prices might get even higher. Gonna pair it with ryzen 3600, gonna upgrade the CPU in the near future to 5600x and thats about it and plan t
  2. Depends on your gaming resolution. If you are playing on 1080p you might get better gains and on 1440p not so much. Im in the process of building my PC right now i can get 3600/3600x for like 200 euros and 5600x are still not here locally but i suspect they are gonna be at least 370-400 euros so i dont think its worth at this point.
  3. The problem is im living in a third world country, there are rarely discounts and prices stick for ages. New imports of PSU are gonna be more expensive becaused its taxed more here and PSU are expensive everywhere. Other PSU which seems like in this tier is CM V1200 its 260 euros.
  4. So im the process of building my new PC and as im currently living in SE Europe availability of good quality components is really low. Here everything is overpriced and prices almost never drop so I really want to get a Corsair HX1200 which is currently 190 euros with a 15% discount and on a really low stock .... now maybe this seems high but its really a good deal considering 850W bequiet straight power 11 is like 10 euros cheaper, or NZXT C850 25 euros cheaper, 850W Sharkoon SilentStorm 150 euros. I dont think there are good good quality and affordable Tier A PSU left, wanted