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  1. You can't extend partitions that are not adjacent
  2. Hi, I used to have Linux on dual boot on the 86 GB of Unallocated space, how can I merge it to the 850 GB NTFS? I thought about using some external utility and moving the efi partition to the beginning of the unallocated space, but I'm not sure if that would not break something.
  3. I know its supposed to run hot, but for the first year it never throttled, it was running hot but never really overheated, now it does and its getting worse.
  4. Yeah I was searching for my exact notebook and lot of people had the same problems, I am starting to think its not really fixable. Sadly when I bought it 3 years ago it was new model and there were not really any reviews. But still I remember it being able to run boost clocks but now it cant even stay at the stable base clock 2.8 ghz which is to be excpected
  5. I dont really understand, the heatsink sits on top of it with like 10 screws so I dont think it can be uncentered if this is what you mean. EDIT: I forgot to mention I have a notebook, it is in the original post but sorry.
  6. Hi, I posted here several months ago talking about CPU overheating . I repasted it month ago when It was even worse, the cpu would hardly operate at its normal clock (2.8 GHz) and when there was bigger load it would usually sit at 2.6 - 2.1.I bought Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut as recommended by someone. When repasting I noticed, that there was almost no paste on the cpu itself to clean, only on the gpu there was a visible paste. So after repasting I did some benchmarks and tests and it was all running smoothly again, until again after 4 weeks from repasting it I am now at the same spot. Whe
  7. I guess it helped, it doesnt throttle, but it still bottlenecks the gpu and cpu still sometimes spikes to 95 C.
  8. Yeah I know, but shouldnt it be able to handle it? Like a year ago the notebook handled everything fine, I could even overclock gpu.
  9. I know what slider you mean, for some reason I dont have it there. I can set the power settings in control setting to balanced though.
  10. Do you mean in power settings? Yes I have set it to the best perfomance, but I dont know what you mean by battery life to 50%
  11. I already have one. It's on max speed nonstop.
  12. Mind recommending me some paste? I find it weird, that it got bad so fast.
  13. Hello, I have notebook Asus GL703VM, it always had CPU overheating issues, but never this bad. Like a month ago I put it to service center. They repasted it, bought new fans and heatsink. When I got it back everything worked perfectly. CPU Was max 78 C at max load, it was fine operating at 3,8 GHZ. But week after week it got worse, to now, when its again throttling and operates max at 3,4 GHZ, before it underclocks down to 3. I can't send it back, because my warranty ran out. So I would like to repair it myself, do you guys think I should repaste it again or is something wrong with the h