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  1. Nop just changed the thermal paste recently twice with noctua nh1.I keep a very high fan curve 60 degrees 60% at 75 degrees is set to 100%.But its heating up way faster from what i remember a year ago.Something is a bit wrong
  2. Hi guys.My gpu stopped working when i oc it.even with 5 mhz I have an evga gtx 1080ti ftw3.Like a year ago i managed to oc it 25+ core 100 voltage and +745 memory.Now if i oc it even a bit it crashes when it reaches between 70-75 degrees.I tried both bioses,the gpu was cleaned still problem persists. I first started having this problem after i put my pc to curier when i changed apartments in march i think.since then the oc doesnt work anymore. Any ideas?I have the latest driver.I ddu it like 3 mo ago. I mostly uses heaven benchmark to test my gpus.But it crashes in games t
  3. yes i tried putting ram in all slots.even 2 and 4.i ordered a msi A320m-pro max and hopefully will work with my ram that i will use for a couple of months
  4. i tried pressing the clear cmos button for about 5 seconds on the motherboard with psu on and with psu off. I guess i should get the battery out too?
  5. Hi guys i need some help.I just bought an Asrock x570 Taichi motherboard and ryzen 1600af can't boot with my Corsair Vengeance 3200 cl16 .(Im waiting for ryzen 5900x to be released) The first thing i did when the motherboard arrived was to flashback the bios with the latest version(3.40) which is aegesa flashback was succesufell but the pc still won't post giving me a bunch of codes(like 5 i think) in quick succesion and after 20 or so seconds restarting. Then i went to a local computers repair shop i told them the problem.And he said to me 2 things:lets test the ram fir
  6. Thanks man didnt realise what 191x7 was trying to say.now i see the problem.Thats just me being stupid:)).Didnt realise at the end of the sku the "AF".But if i buy a ryzen 2600 should work right?I dont think there is a ryzen 2600af.
  7. on the asrock website cpu support list says that ryzen 1200 is support since bios version P2.80 the only reason i bought the 1200 was because it was supported.if its not.i can easily sell it...
  8. Hi guys i need some help.I just bought an Asrock x570 Taichi motherboard and ryzen 1200 but i can't figured it out whats wrong .The reason for this system was to play around until ryzen 5900x was released,i just switched from an i7 7700k and an msi z270 m5 board. Firstly when i installed the cpu the motherboard gave me the "b4" code which i think indicates ram problems but the ram works perfectly on the old system( i have 2 sticks of 8 gb Corsair vengeance 3200 mhz cl 16). Next thing i tried was to flasback bios to Agesa V2 version since i realised i need at least V2