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  1. according to HW one of them might be false but there is still one that is pretty high
  2. hey dose anyone know what temp #3 and temp #6 are? and dose anyone know what might be the reason to why they are so high?
  3. saak

    Broken GPU

    yes I am talking about that thing. I am far from a expert but I have done a little bit in the past. I see that some components that are similar to each other are flipped (not laying the same way) if I try to reattach it dose anyone know which way it is supposed to lay?
  4. saak

    Broken GPU

    I figured out that I would make my first water cooled computer but it didn't go to well. I accidentally dropped my MSI geforce 2080 super around 10cm on to the desk after I had taken on a water block. the desk was completely empty were it landed but this gray thing fell lose, I cant see any other damage. I tried to contact the store were I bought it but they couldn't do anything to help me. (so I guess it's trash) but dose anyone know if it is possible to solder it on again? and if I try that what are my chances for it to actually work properly?