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  1. A bunch of services i assume. This PC is a workhorse, there is a lot of acronis services, adobe, asus generic stuff, net watchdogs and stuff, really plenty. Disabling network in bios didn't helped thought, it's unlikely to be network related.
  2. Problem: 16 thread CPU, 1st thread are 100% loaded, and 15th thread are ~80% loaded, all other cores floating ~5-10% load at idle. PC spec i7 10700, b460 chipset, rtx 3080, nvme drive for system, sata ssd's for storage. Process that causes it - ntoskrnl.exe Most likely driver issue, but i tried to disable every single thing to see if it's make a difference, and it's not. Windows toolkit also not really a helper, it shows that mostly CPU is busy with ntoskrnl.exe!KiIdleLoop but it's a path to nowhere. Drivers - all latest. Windows - fresh 20h2 install, before it wa
  3. well, it's working surely, cuz it's a PC of a buddy. and it's actually 13$ lol. 1000rub, i misscalculated to USD. I don't mind ryzen, but it gave me a headache with it's temps really. bad bin maybe, but it's rolling in the 70-85 range with Dark Rock Pro 4 and liquid metal. Intel should be a little more silent. Only thing i consider to be bad in this tradeoff are ram. But AIDA shows that my sticks can do 2800mhz CL14 or 3000Mhz CL15, with some luck it will work CL 14 2933. Now it's 3600 CL16. I mainly game, he mainly work. Thats why we consider
  4. Currently on a 3700X + MSI Mortar b450m and have an option to trade it for 10700 non K + Asus Strix B460-H My setup + about 50$ = his setup Currently mine 32gb ram working 3600Cl16 , intel setup will be locked 2933 max, on a downside. Stonks deal or something is off?
  5. I put another paste, cooler master one, and noticed a scratch on a cooler surface. Turns out top mount was pushing way more than bottom one, making the pressure uneven. I put a rubber pad below the screws (DIY) and remounted. Temps at prime 95 AVX load 62 open case, 65 closed case. Up to 80 still when Prime95 working along with Furmark, GPU is going up to 67 (WHAT? it was 72 in games before wtf?) Still with a reasonable load it seems to be a shitload cooler. Faulty mounting it is. Case closed, thanks everyone! Another win
  6. 1070 was a little more cool even with overclock, but the CPU temps was the same as now, with 3080
  7. i guess scalping isn't a thing on zen 2? somebody did that as i remember, but it was almost one way to trashcan ride.
  8. MX4 is doing alright in other PC i have built, also have a CoolerMaster MasterGel Pro It is about the same performance as MX4 but a bit harder to spread out. I always use a credit card to even out the layer, whole cpu is covered good. When i remove the tower print is just perfect, i don't know what the hell is going on. I used to have Arctic Freezer 34 eSports DUO, and thought it was not enough. Swapped it for BQ DRP4 which is literally double the size, and temps are EXACT same.
  9. got it from a greedy store in greedy country, costed me 1000$. but we have msrp for FE 815$, so, not THAT bad i guess. Removing the side AND front panel gives 2C less.
  10. H440 NZXT My room is cold AF, it's almost winter in Russia, i'd say 23 is the ambient. 18 if i open the balcony.
  11. As a title stands. All reviews indicating that temperatures must be around 40 idle and 70-75 under load, but i have 55 idle and 85 under load, in games, when the GPU also producing heat, it can go all the way to 95. Definetely something is wrong. Thermal paste is MX4 2019 I re-seated the tower a couple of times, trying to make it better, with no success. Coolers stays cold to the touch when the cpu is 10 minutes under the torture with 85C, straight line. Bad contact? Bad mounting pad? And yes i removed the plastic cover. No idea where to look at. un
  12. 3700X on default settings with PBO and -0.0750 undervolt gonna try to remove front panel and see if it's any different