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  1. Could that sudden shut down break my motherboard or any parts?
  2. Could my motherboard be damaged Just worryin about that
  3. I tried it on my hdd no sound at all And the psu fan not spinning
  4. I tried my psu to a diffrent motherboard and it is also not working
  5. It just turned off straight away I dont have any extra psu
  6. Everything is fine ecxept my pc Ive been watching youtube for 30 minutes
  7. Everything is not working
  8. Im watching a youtube video when my pc suddenly turned off i tried to turn it on but my pc and psu is not turning on what could be broken Btw my motherboard is new Is my psu broken or is my motherboard broken?
  9. Is it a good price? my igpu is crap
  10. I am looking for a decent gpu and i have a tight budget. I am looking to buy a gtx560 1gb refurbished for around 32 dollars is it worth it or a good deal?
  11. I've upgraded from windows 7 pre installed to windows 10 and running with an ssd
  12. Im upgrading from intel core 2 quad to core i5 My old computers motherboard broke down and now i want to upgrade my cpu and motherboard i will replace my old motherboard with a diffent one but i want to keep my old drives Is it possible for me to keep my old files and os but with a different motherboard? Can i boot after installing the new drivers for the new motherboard? Or will my old drivers from my previous pc cause problems?
  13. Please Help I unplugged my gpu from my pc gt610 then transfer it to another pci port then i unplugged the vga port from the video card now the vga port is not working but the hdmi port works