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  1. I actually just checked the only port that can charge the ipad when the pc is off is the usb-c
  2. Im asking because my brother’s pc when he shuts it down he can still use his usb-c to charge the phone, like everything is off except for the motherboard LED and the usb-c port( i dont know about usb ports)
  3. hello, i have a question, if i have a motherboard that i want to check if it's ports working such as usb-c port on it. can i just plug a power supply to it and maybe connect my phone to test if it is charging, will that work??
  4. so what you mean is that sellers will only mention the battery if it was a dead battery...?
  5. Hello, I have a question, Should I expect less battery life when buying a used gaming laptop rather than a new one, even though the seller didn't mention anything about the battery. thanks,
  6. I found this on the Lenovo website someone answered a person who was asking should he update his bios on the Lenovo y520.
  7. i am just scared that what happedend will affect my cpu in the long run? will it though?
  8. i actually searched and found that many had the same issue as me..... some even provided the old bios update to fix it
  9. na, actually when i updated the bios to the newer version i had the problem
  10. hello, I don't know if this is the right forum. one day i wake up to play valorant games on my gaming laptop specs: i7-7700hq gtx 1050ti 16gb ram i opened valorant and my fps is dropping suddenly, i went and checked the temps and noticed that my cpu's temp is 98-100, it was definitely throttling, i was surprised because this doesn't happen unless i have my "extreme cooling" option off, my laptop has extreme cooling option where it runs the fans at a high speed to keep it cool while gaming. Moreover, i go and try to find the solution, so aft
  11. hello, i recently built a new pc, specs are 1660 super oc, ryzen 5 3600, 16gb ram 3200mhz. i am having a noticeable input lag and delay in my mouse and sometimes my keyboard, even though my mouse polling rate is set to 1000, i tried everything, i used to play on a gaming laptop hooked up to a monitor which is the same one im using now and i didn't have this input lag in my mouse. my bios is up to date so is my drivers. the game i mostly play is csgo, i have 4000 hrs+, the problem is that none of my family sees this input lag except me, i have been playing my whole life so i
  12. Bro i have same specs but different motherboard and power supply, i have this input lag problem and it is killing me did you find the solution?
  13. Yo bro i have the same problem with my new build, same as ur gpu and cpu did you find a solution? if u did plz reply asap.