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  1. Thanks you everyone for participating but now i can play the game i just verified my mail and downloaded a update thanks you everyone how do i close this topic ?
  2. i'll try a new account .... my forum account got locked so couldn't reply to anyone's ans
  3. let me try .. some are saying on the reddit to use a vpn also lets see btw thanks for participating and giving a reply
  4. bruh i click on enter the range , the tutorial starts and then after the tutorial is over this screen comes again
  5. pls help if you know how to fix this reinstalling doesnt work for me
  6. bruh its a laptop cant upgrade the cpu and gpu ... but thanks
  7. Whats up guys watching ltt for 2 years had a problem so finally joined title says it all ... i cant test this as it is my brother's laptop so if it doesnt run after installing a 10 gig game he will angry on me