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  1. Hi, So this is my first time to build my own PC. I have a question about the connections of the Noctua fans and the fan control at the front of the P400A (non RGB) case. I want to be able to control the fan speed with that fan control button, I disassembled the front fan that came with the case, it has a 3 pin cable that connects to that fan control, after installing the 2 Noctua fans on the front I found myself a bit confused to how they're supposed to be connected to the fan control? The Noctua fans have 4 pin connectors while the cable that is coming out from the fro
  2. Thank you @boggy77 ! I have few questions if you don't mind.. - For the CPU cooler, the height is 160mm while the case's clearance is 160mm as well, I initially took the Noctua NH-U12A just because I saw some reviews but then realized that its height is 158mm and wasn't sure if that would actually fit or not. - I see that the motherboard you entered here doesn't have a wifi built in, do you recommend any USB wifi adapter by any chance? - I'm curious to know about your decision for the different settings of the storage drives, In the build I chose I was thinking to dedicate a sepa
  3. maybe... I'm pretty locked on this GPU haha... but besides that all looks good?
  4. Budget (including currency): until around 2000$CAD (already ordered the monitor, not sure that I'm including it in the budget for the PC) Country: Montreal, Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Cyberpunk 2077, Star Wars Battlefront, Squadron, Witcher 3, profressional animation in Maya, focusing on a good airflow Hi! I'm sort of new here, this is the first time Im going to build my own PC from scratch. I already selected different parts and did a whole lot of research about so many things. I was thinking to share with you the build a