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  1. It's just so fucking insane, honestly; we need a real competitor to Youtube but the problem is that there's no way for anybody but a big player to be able to support the infrastructure necessary to competently compete against Youtube.
  2. Looks pretty cool, just hoping maybe it'll loosen up the 3080 stock so i can get my hands on a 3080 lol
  3. Dude i just want to get my hands on an RTX 3080 lmao At least people looking for a mid-range card will have options
  4. Big fan of Davinci Resolve, really glad to not have to deal with Adobe Premiere anymore
  5. Yeah i really have no fucking clue why you'd need a Zen 3 CPU, i thought that was really weird for AMD when it was first revealed, can't wait to get SAM on a 3080 and get up to an almost ~20% boost in performance in certain scenarios lmao
  6. Idk how big a factor my upload speed is but just adding for reference my upload is ~40 Mbps
  7. I asked earlier if my 4690k would be fine for just a small Plex media streaming server that'd at max have 2 streams at once. I was told by someone on a Discord server to not worry about Quicksync, H.264/H.265 for transcoding 4K content to something like my phone and just "brute force" it. Won't it be very slow? Would the quality be bad? I'm not sure what they meant.
  8. I definitely plan to transcode, i plan to store 4K content so that's a must. I know i put Plex in the title but really i'm going with Jellyfin. I want to get involved in automation stuff like Sonarr and Radarr, stuff like that. As far as Quicksync, the 4690k is Haswell and it looks like it doesn't support H.265, idk how important that is, honestly. Worried about adding a GPU, was hoping to go off of the iGPU to keep energy costs low. I'd be streaming to maybe 2 devices at a time, max. What do you feel would be my best options for what i want to do? It sounds like maybe the Rasp
  9. Boy, the UK really got out at the right time, huh? lol
  10. Hey lads, i am wanting to make a Jellyfin / Plex server so i can stream 4k video and music to my devices at home and to access while i'm out-and-about on my phone. I have a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) and i'm wondering if that would be good to use. I like the fact it is compact and low-wattage so i'm not paying a lot in electricity costs were i to keep it running 24/7. I also have a 4690k i could use, i could try to build a media streaming server out of that but i'm not sure if the electricity cost of leaving it running 24/7 would sky-rocket compared to the Pi 4. Can i get some advice
  11. Def the 5900X is the better choice; more cores/threads, less power draw, better single-threaded performance.
  12. I mean, it's technically better than the 3070 for gaming by enough of a margin to justify the $80 price bump but as you said the 6800XT is only $70 more with a lot more performance. Nvidia, of course, has it's own featureset such as DLSS, NVENC, G-Sync where there's little incentive for the 6800, anywhere. Anybody who has $80 more than a 3070, who only games, i'd recommend waiting just a tiny bit more for the extra $70 over that for the 6800XT.
  13. Streaming? 5900X, easy. With the release of the new gen consoles utilizing 8-cores, more games utilizing higher cores, if you're a streamer who has things going on in the background then the 5900X is a massive value option in my opinion.
  14. I was also thinking that before today. "Depending on how much of an improvement the 5900X is, i might just go with a used 3900X on the cheap" But honestly, i really think the 5900X is worth it for the IPC improvements and i have to admit that i'm very curious how AMD's Smart Access Memory will perform (once the AMD 6000 series GPUs release)