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  1. I have like a Silent and an OC bios switch on the GPU; does it matter what it is set to when i reflash the bios?
  2. Hi, i bought an RX 480 (8GB Powercolor Red Devil) not long ago used. When i update the drivers i get this message: I've googled around and according to Reddit it is likely i have a mining BIOS flashed onto the card or something, so i snooped around and it looks like if i use ATI PixelPatcher (a tool to bypass bios signing) it should allow AMD drivers to recognize the card. (and it has but anytime i need to update drivers or windows, the card will go back to being unrecognized) (https://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-AMD-ATI-Pixel-Clock-Patcher) I've also heard reflash
  3. This is such a giant fucking meme but still I have to know if it'll be any good because what if? lol
  4. I hope CDPR gets fucked from this honestly, this is on them; completely I would never make excuses for EA or Ubisoft, why start with CDPR?
  5. lmao the 970 debacle, i remember that; that was a giant meme, it was so scandalous at the time (rightfully so) I'd go with the RX 570 though OP, best card out of the bunch
  6. Well that's what i mean is that, outside the GPU, there is an initial investment into the other PC components and i'm not sure when that cost would be offset exactly. I don't know very much about crypto-mining and the profitability though so.
  7. Yeah i would definitely agree. Even though this is essentially an almost 12% return each month. it'd be better/safer to invest into real estate; i think the possibility of GPU (or hardware, in general) failure would kill this for me.
  8. Wow that's fucking insane; not gonna lie this almost makes me want to invest into crypto-mining myself. I understand due to the economy of scaling that you'd need a number of GPUs to start with in order to be profitable though.
  9. Yeah we'll have to wait and see; i imagine it'll be a possibility knowing Noctua, but even if not i very much welcome more competition into the space of fanless coolers. Especially if Noctua has some revolutionary design that changes things up.
  10. I would also like to see Google and Facebook get the fucking smackdown laid on them
  11. Dude what is that fucking power draw lmao Also, no 10-core? Guess Rocketlake is DOA unless it undercuts AMD, might as well just wait until Alderlake
  12. CD Projekt has had an absolutely atrocious time lately; Cyberpunk's launch was an absolutely gigantic flop thanx to the hype built up and the issues the game has that are so pervasive. From bugs, performance issues, Poor AI, to actual antiquated game design. This coupled with GOG going back on their agreement to publish Devotion from Chinese pressure, CD Projekt has never looked worse. Good news is, their stock has dropped significantly so now is a great time to buy as i have no doubt it's possible to see a total 200% return or more in a few years when CD Projekt bounces back (Which t
  13. It's just so fucking insane, honestly; we need a real competitor to Youtube but the problem is that there's no way for anybody but a big player to be able to support the infrastructure necessary to competently compete against Youtube.