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  1. That’s what the question about down the line is, if I start with just a 120 for just the gpu, down the line I’ll put in a bigger rad then I’ll add the cpu to the loop
  2. Before I start here is my build -Corsair 220T Airflow -MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus -Ryzen 7 3700x -Corsair Vengeance RGB 2x16 @ 3200 -Corsair h155i Cappelix AIO -RTX 2080FE -EVGA 850GQ I was recently diagnosing some cooling issues on my card, upon removal of the cooler I noticed a large divot in the heatsink that was deep enough to expose about 1 square centimeter of copper under the nickel plating. I am considering creating a custom loop for just my gpu with a 120mm cooler. My other thoughts would be to either find a stock air cooler to replace my
  3. I recently built a new system and everything has ran great on it so far, but I can't get rocket league to launch. Steam will give me the "preparing to launch" window but will then close and steam will give me the option to launch again. I have already verified files and even uninstalled/reinstalled it. System specs follow. -MSI MPG x570 gaming plus -AMD Ryzen 7 3700x -RTX 2080 FE -2x16GB kit of Corsair Vengeance Pro @ 3200MHz -MSI 850 GQ (I know overkill but it was on sale) Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Yes blew out the fans and cooler while it was apart and got a decent bit of dust out. If 80c is fine with the cards then Ill take your word for it but im definitely gonna start eyeing out options. Maybe the cooler from a different card that uses the reference pcb.
  5. This was the thermal paste application on tear down. Cleaned it up and reapplied, thermals are down to 80ish while benchmarking but still a little warm for my liking. Do you know of any aftermarket air coolers for the reference pcb?
  6. I've seen that the 2080ti he used in this video is significantly harder than the standard 2080, thank you for the souirce i will be watching.
  7. I was considering that, but being that these cards are only a few years old I wasn't thinking the thermal paste would be toasted yet. Is there a known problem with the factory application?
  8. I recently purchased a used 2080fe and while it performs fine, the temps stay pegged at 87c. I've ruled out airflow even going so far as taking off the side panel and point a 140 fan at it. I messed with the fan curve in msi afterburner even underclosked it. Any suggestions to cool it down or is that just how the cards run?
  9. *Another Question I just recently started on my first pc, was wondering if I had my case flow going the right way or if there’s a better option