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  1. After buying a new computer(only part being re-used is graphics card) my phone works correctly now when connected to it, but my VR headset doesn't, that leads me to speculate that my graphics card may be the one causing the problem or the oculus software. I've checked task manager to see if the oculus program was acting weird but nothing out of the normal before and after it crashes(had recordings of when the program crashed), seems like it may be the GPU.
  2. After changing cables positions on the psu and doing some cleaning on the motherboard(unplugging and plugging things back and getting rid of dust). got 2 of the 4 front ports to work correctly now. Haven't had time to test the back ports yet but at least 2 of them work fine(being a 2.0 and 3.0 port). I really don't know what caused them to fail or to work again. Just unplugging and plugging them back in made those 2 work again apparently. But weird how the rest of the 2 ports don't work correctly still. So it might be some cable problems and/or motherboard problem.
  3. Yeah, might be one of those, guess I'll have to wait till I can get a new motherboard and stuff to test if that's the case. If something else comes in mind that may help determine what it could be let me know. Thanks!
  4. I have a Corsair RMX Series RM750X 750W Fully Modular Power Supply 80 PLUS GOLD
  5. What I've noticed is that it only happens with power heavy devices(Uses power to charge/turn on device) and as well to pass data at the same time. So it might be a power problem as noted by bmx6454, but before going on trowing money on a hub I want to see if it can be fixed so if it happens again on another pc or to someone else it can be solved.
  6. Thanks a lot!!! Yeah My guess is that the motherboard might be dying or something which is weird as I bought it new on amazon and the only power heavy thing that I have connected to it is the VR. But I still have faith that it might be something else.
  7. Had that in mind but I'm somewhat scared on wasting $20/50 on a USB hub that turns out to not work just like the VR and Phone. Could you suggest one or two in case that it turns out on being my last option? thanks for the suggestion still.
  8. Problem: Built my PC 2 years ago and after some months I noticed that my front panel usb 3.0 ports started "flickering" when my phone got connected(with original phone cable, not bent or broken/soldered) so it would flash on and off, connected and disconnected. Solved the problem by connecting it to the back of the PC, letting me get to my files and stuff. After some time I bought a VR(Rift S) and played with no problems until 2 months ago where my VR headset would randomly disconnect. I thought it was my VR headset or some software problem but then when connecting my phone to the back ports