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  1. Do you see output when on BIOS ?
  2. My screen shows some weird lines everytime. Sometimes, it turns off my screen and restarts the computer. Here's a video of it My specs: PSU: Yido 750w GPU: RX 580 CPU: Intel xeon x5680 Motherboard: Koloe x58 RAM: 8gb DDR3 Kingston
  3. Hello guys, when I tried the TV HDMI, it did display so I bought a HDMI to VGA adapter and now it also displays to my acer G196HQL. Thank you guys for helping me out!
  4. I'm going to my mom's house to test it there since she has a TV that has HDMI. I will update after. Thanks by the way man
  5. I'm sorry, I did edit the post. I typed RTX instead of RX at first. Maybe HDMI to VGA adaptor could work ? Yes it is a Zotac RX580 OEM used cards that I think pulled out from mining.
  6. I got this error in the AMD software
  7. I just found out that the problem occurs when I install the gpu driver. Is there any fix on this ?
  8. I have Zotac RX 580 4gb which I bought online. My monitor is an acer G196HQL which has VGA on it. The GPU only had 1 HDMI and 3 Displayport so I bought an adapter from displayport to VGA. I got display on BIOS but it displays no signal when it goes to the OS. Can you guys help me out ?