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  1. Can I overclock this cpu with a stock cooler? To 4ghz? And will it make a difference?
  2. I have a ryzen 3 3200g and I use the stock cooler and the idle temp is around 29c to 32c so it is good enough?
  3. Do you think manufacturers will support Ryzen 5000 on A320m motherboards? Beacause I am using a a320m motherboard
  4. Ok thanks.if I break something my money is gone.just to make sure
  5. It is my first pc built so just to be sure I created this forum
  6. So only when there was factory damage you get a replacement or a refund right?
  7. What if I lost some pins of the processor will I get a replacement? Or a refund?
  8. If I break a pc part and it still under the warranty will I get a replacement or a refund? Not a damaged product.if I broke it