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  1. 1) i have : CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU 6405U @ 2.40GHz Base speed: 2.40 GHz Sockets: 1 Cores: 2 Logical processors: 4 Virtualization: Enabled Speed 2.39 GHz Processes 205 Threads 2200 Handles 98343 i want to overclock it (its in a lenovo laptop) but when i go into the bios it doesn't let me is thier a way i could?
  2. i have a 300£ laptop, its not super fast but it is good for light gaming i was wondering if i hook it up to a monitor will it be slower b/c it wil have to render 2 screens? and if so it thier a way i could only display on the monitor
  3. Blue_Incog

    Help pls

    oh thanks blue chin eating dorito @BlueChinchillaEatingDorito
  4. Blue_Incog

    Help pls

    will it get rid of any other files @Going_AFK
  5. Blue_Incog

    Help pls

    ok thank ver ver much appreacted also i have test and ma doing this /: @Going_AFK
  6. Blue_Incog

    Help pls

    hello can you help me get rid of windows.old as i have low space ty bye
  7. Does anyone know a andriod emulator that is bloat free and doesnt use any resources ive tried bluestacks but it slowes down games (no the emulator games but acctual laptop games) by 20fps (when its closed) ive got a bad cpu thats y also mods i had no idea where to post this
  8. I was casually playing a game and then no sound... Pls help ive checked drivers but their is only an bluetooth driver i need to install, ive updated windows. Im on a lenovo laptop when i plug headphones in its isnt detected aswell (i was playing with headphones in)
  9. yes people just give away pcs
  10. In win 10 thier is a blue light filter and sometimes when i want to turn it on or of it just doesnt change but all the indication icon change pls help