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    Ryzen 5 2600 @3.9Ghz 1.2875V
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    3200mhz cl16 (can't be bothered to tighten timings)
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    GTX 760, waiting for rx 6700 or 6600xt.
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    Lian Li Lancool 205M
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    500GB SATA SSD, 1TB M.2 NVMe.
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    Hyper 212 Black Edition
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    Logitech g305
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    HyperX Cloud Alpha
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    iPhone XR

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  1. You'll probably be okay without getting new thermal pads, but it can't hurt to change them just in case. I'd recommend looking into thermal grizzly thermal pads, if you do decide to change them.
  2. Uh no that's basically asking for damage to the GPU. I would definitely not play any games while you wait or play very light games at most. You want the GPU to stay below 80C at most really.
  3. You're right, they should be taken just as a guide and not EXACTLY what you're going to get, but they give a pretty close idea. Besides, a 1650 Super and Ryzen 5 1600 shouldn't be getting 60fps at low settings. At least not with decent speed RAM. 60fps at high would be more what I'd expect.
  4. Ehh, with a 6 core CPU and 16GB RAM, no application would cause that much of a decrease in performance. I would imagine it's due to the low speed RAM.
  5. Well that RAM is pretty slow, those YouTubers may be using higher speed RAM. Ryzen basically needs higher speed RAM (3200/3600mhz is the sweet spot price/performance wise). It could also be a thermal issue, so you could monitor your temps while you play to make sure nothing is throttling.
  6. Quote me or @ me if you reply, it sends me a notification A quick way to try to fix it would be to set a more conservative fan curve. Set the max fan speed at under the RPM this buzzing noise happens. You can use MSI Afterburner for that.
  7. Yeah pretty much. As long as it's the correct size and has at least decent static pressure, any fan will work.
  8. The easiest and most sure to work way is just to RMA it, or set a custom fan curve so it doesn't reach those RPMs where the rattling occurs if you have the headroom.
  9. Yeah you can use any fans on an AIO as long as it has good static pressure.
  10. I would disagree with people suggesting a 3070, as the 2080ti is just as fast but has more VRAM which may prove to be quite useful even within the next couple years. As long as you get it within ~£50 of a 3070, go for the 2080ti. That case isn't the best if you're going with an air cooled CPU, but an AIO would be perfect, as the bottom fans would provide basically the best airflow possible to the GPU.
  11. And you know that how? These companies have people a lot smarter than either of us, and the best thing to do with crypto is to keep it for the future. That extra however much may be nice now, but an extra 4x that in a few years sounds a whole lot better. I never said they don't. I said without that extra money they would get from swapping their Bitcoin into fiat their business wouldn't suddenly crumble. Even Tesla, the least profitable company in the list that other guy said, had a profit of more than $700mil in 2020, so they have plenty of "headroom" I guess you could say to keep thei
  12. You can't buy a car using stocks. Says who? In that case why wouldn't they just ask people to convert it for them and save some fees? If I had to guess, I would say these companies have wallets for these crypto currencies and are just collecting. In 5-10 years, it could be worth 3, 4 times or more what it is worth now. These are multi billion if not trillion dollar companies. I don't think they are struggling to pay their bills. Their other sales would easily cover that and still provide billions in profit.
  13. Every currency's value fluctuates. The USD, Euro, GBP and every other currency ever in history has constantly changed in value. You can buy things with crypto, Tesla is just one company that accepts Bitcoin from the top of my head. You just pay however much it's worth in relation to USD or whatever your country's currency is instead. The fact Bitcoin costs $56,000 one day and $57,000 the next doesn't change the fact you can use it to buy things, just one day you pay more Bitcoin and the other you pay less. Again, there are many different cryptocurrencies, some of which literally ha
  14. VRAM doesn't really change power draw all that much. You'd be fine with a 230W PSU with either GPU.