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  • Birthday Feb 24, 2001

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    Gaming, basketball and tech


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    Ryzen 7 3750h (mobile zen+)
  • Motherboard
    Asus low tier laptop gaming motherboard
  • RAM
    8*2 of 2666 MGH
  • GPU
    GTX 1650 mobile
  • Case
    Asus TUF gaming laptop
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    512 gig Intel 665p NMVe SSD and 1TB of KingDian s280
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    A brick sitting on my desk
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    60 hrz, 6-bit, IPS, 15.6 inch
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    IDK its a laptop, its castum cooling
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    Gamedian Ares M1 (external keyboard)
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    It's wireless
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    Laptop speaker do the job
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    Window 10
  • Laptop
    Asus TUF gaming FX505DT
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    Samsung Galazy S10

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  1. first thing why did you spend the money on an NVME SSD for the games, a sata one will have gave you the same preformence. second thing i've never heard of an m.2 adaptor like that but im sure there are some somewhere but i do know that there are PCIe cards that can hold up to 16 SSD's (there are some with 3-4 slots also)
  2. Ahhh, yes all of the fingers are pointing at the cable, try to get another cableand check to see if the old SSD works with it and then do ahead and indtall half of COD: Warzone on it lool
  3. ahh well yes a 5600xt will do that but look at how much it costs compared to the RX5700 (not XT) because they are verry close in price and the 5700 is better
  4. So most IGPU's will do the job and if not then buy a GT1030
  5. ahh, can I get an explaintion to what is nvidia surround and why you need so meany old cables for that
  6. so if you have a 60 hertz monitor and a comuter with GPU hardware from the last 5 years then try playing portal with the lowest settings and disable V-sync, and then go into the gamd and look lef and right quickly and youll see what tearing looks like. (i have a laptop 1650 and I got the tearing in the highest settings in portal so the settings may not really mater)
  7. ahhh IDK about the 6000 series but the AMD has a raputaion for thier graphics cards sounding a bit like a jet plane taking off, althou there are some very quite ABI models
  8. first thing I would think about is the fan curves are mest up. after that i would ask when did you last check how much dust is on that card and last thing how is the airflow in your case? is the GPU getting cold air or is it getting warn air because airflow is wierd
  9. he is asking for money only when he sends the card and he works for the official importer for most tech stuff in israel so it seems unlikely to me he is scaming.
  10. Intel integrated UHD 630 graphics / AMD radeon integrated vega 3/8/11 graphics. and why would you play stuff at 720P (probably because you have a 720P screen)
  11. ahh I forgot to mantion stuff so look at the post again in like 2 minutes
  12. If you plan on using it as an external storage then I would get a setta SSD becuase you limited to 1gig a sec with USB 3 anyway. wh ythe consoles dont have the new USB 4 standart (which is the same as thunderbolt 3) IDK becuase the new wave of 11th gen intel laptops have it
  13. My brother got into gaming latly and he dicied to buy a PC, so we used one of the "pick your parts and well build it for you" seervices and the PC was fine, its has a ryzen 5 3600 and radeon 5600xt, but the 5600xt just stopped wrking. Now what happened is this, the sales person offered my brother to send him a new 5600xt or he said that if he was willing to wait until december 14th he could get him the RTX 3060TI for 450 Shekels more or around 1800 Shekels which is 530$ BUUUUUUUUT we live in Israel and everything tech here is super expensive so it would probably cost 100$ less in the US.