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    Intel xeon x5687
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    Asus rampage 2 extreme
  • RAM
    6gb 1600mhz ddr3 6-7-6
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    512gb ssd
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    21’ crt
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    Sound blaster audigy
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  1. It happens just as much to whites, but our media is silent on it, not being from the US you will only see one side of the issue.
  2. Because a controversial story can be ran longer and makes them more money.
  3. TBH the race problem here in the US is mostly caused by folks making it a problem by dragging a isolated incident out into the spot light and causing it to spiral out of control.. Injustice is blind and affects every demagogic here in the US.
  4. Most politicians would fail basic logic test TBH
  5. Here in the US the anti racist folks are often ten times more racist and hate filled then the racist folks they hate. So its not just Canada thing.
  6. So its like like they installed the codec in a media player? but the hardware suports it they are going after them? the fudged up. I would not pay the fee ether.
  7. Us x58 guys are without a legal way to play some DRM equipped games do to the lack of AVX...
  8. Why not bypass the jack and power the board internally? And don't forget to cool the hint chip
  9. Some also pirate because it's a hassle free way to get things, no drm, no accounts and what not.
  10. What were they using h.264 for? And why not just remove it for German models?
  11. We were joking. Water cooled PSUs were at one time somewhat common among the DIYer however.
  12. Chippsets these days don't really need water cooling, however one could argue that stock heatsinks suck and something better is needed. M.2 drives wile may run hot would benefit just as much from a good heatsink. Ram? Ddr4 runs rather cool unlike high speed ddr2 did back in the day so I'd cross that one off your list too.
  13. No water cooling loop AIO or custom should have air in it. You can call it cheep, planed failure, poor design or whatever when it comes to AIO Im inclined to believe its done on purpose to limit their useful life expectancy. Most of the major companys that sell AIOs don't make the AIO units themselves but rather market then for other far less trusty company's anyway so one should tread lightly when buying one.
  14. Only if they leak. And don't go quoting that nonsince about the coolant passing though solid tubbing. That is wacko tin foil had stuff.