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  1. Hey so it looks like So it turns out I hadn't properly set up the static IP and reserving it, it seems to have fixed the issue now
  2. I only added the reserved IP once this had been happening for a while, so the issue was happening before I set up the reserved IP
  3. I have a reserved IP on my network and no other device has had this issue. As for the router, I bought a tp-link blade (I can't remember the exact name because someone threw away the box), it's not the one from my ISP
  4. Hi, so I've been having this issue on and off for a while where when I play certain games my pc will disconnect from the internet, not just the game, from the internet, so no steam chat, no music stream .etc It will usually happen after about 3 - 5 min in a game. I've tried reinstalling windows, updating my drivers and flashing my bios. It only happens in certain games and only for a while after I've done a big (3+gb) download. It usually sorts itself out after a few days but it's just very frustrating. Tech info: I use ethernet over power but the problem happen