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  1. Sigh.... Understandable. Guess i'll replace the motherboard for now. So when replacing the motherboard I need to reinstall windows and everything? Is there a way to bypass that? Thank you
  2. As usual no help was provided. Could it be that in the motherboard's spec sheet it specifies (unbuffered) RAM? Do I need to get server ram?
  3. It's really weird isn't it? I'm now holding back on buying an Rtx3090 just in case for some dumb reason my whole pc grows legs and decides to jump out the window because it doesn't like upgrades. You went above and beyond by giving me the motherboard options, thank you. I have already posted on the HP forums and if by some slim chance I was able to run the ram on the motherboard I will update you. Again, thanks a lot for the help. I really appreciate it. Regards.
  4. "Unable to start flashing (such as when missing a utility or BIOS image)" This is what i got from https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02222922, Im not sure if it applies to my specific motherboard though EDIT: Scroll down for the "Beep codes for american.." and you will find "Memory read or write failure"
  5. Yes, the 4 of them were seated properly, I have tested them on a friend's rig and they work. So it is neither a memory error nor a seating issue. My hp is OMEN X 900-201nx I have updated the BIOS following HP's directions. And I tried the RAM again and it gave me the same three short beeps I have nightmares about. I have tried contacting HP by phone but it was of no help. I will try their forums. In the meantime, any other options other than replacing the whole motherboard? and pretty much the whole PC since if I change the motherboard I need to
  6. Hey, Update. I got the Vengeance 4x16gb 2666MHz kit and it is not booting! The bios is giving me three short beeps. I tried putting in the old ram and the pc booted. I don't know what to do! I got the ram limit specified by HP, and it did not work. What do i do?
  7. I see. Well I guess I will do it the safe way and get the 2666MHz ram. Thanks for the information @bombastinator and @-rascal-, I will keep an eye out for my next PC/Build.
  8. The CPU is i9 7920x I tried looking for a manual too but with no luck. And the PC did not come with one for the motherboard. Kindly check my reply to rascal, what do you think of Intels extreme tuning utility?
  9. The thing is, HP has screwed me over. I bought the system 3 years ago. It's advertised for gaming and has a 1300W psu. So you'd think its very upgradable right? Wrong. The psu is custom by HP and only has three 8 pin connectors. Again, 1300w, only three 8 pins. I can't even add a secondary high end gpu for faster rendering without replacing the psu. And now I need to replace the motherboard? I might aswell wait a bit to save up and build a custom pc. For now though, someone on the HP forums is suggesting Intels extreme tuning utility but there is no response whe
  10. Greetings all! Sorry in advance for the noob question I want to upgrade my current ram (4x8gb) 32gb 2400MHz DDR4 ram, I use my pc for 3d modeling and rendering, and in bigger projects, ram gets full and my pc starts to struggle. Now I have a uATX motherboard by hp called the "Hamburg Motherboard" (https://support.hp.com/za-en/document/c05787238) SPECS: Dual channel (2 DIMMs per channel) memory architecture Four DDR4 UDIMM (288-pin) sockets Supports PC4-21300 (DRR4-2667) Supports 8 GB and 16 GB DDR4 UDIMM
  11. Its a 2 slot regular 1080TI, Basically the same size as the founders edition.
  12. Greetings all! I don't know if this is the right forum for this but, recently I upgraded my home rig and now I have an extra 1080Ti laying around. I work a lot in 3D modeling and rendering and I use teamviewer often to access my home rig through my laptop to show the client some rough results as they change some stuff. And now that I have an extra GPU laying around I was thinking about taking it along with me. Now I have searched and searched but I always ran into dead ends to finding a good small eGPU chassis with the specs I want: 1. Smaller than those
  13. Right so I contacted HP directly and they pretty much told me that I would need to replace the PSU, since it is a HP proprietary PSU and at the time of its release there wasn't any other cards that required more PCIe connectors and that is why my system lacks them. Thanks for the help anyways guys!
  14. Are you talking about the 8-pin connector? I dont know. I tried contacting HP many times but its of no use. Honestly at this point I might just buy an EGPU case and power the 1080TI independently and lose performance due to thunderbolt3.
  15. I totally agree that what you're saying makes complete sense, but i will not give up the fight yet. So after re-checking I noticed that in total I have THREE 8-pins. That's better than two 8 pins and a 6 pin. And I figured why adding an extra cable is really difficult, its because the PSU is custom made by HP unfortunately. So my final question is, could I use an 8 to 6+8 splitter if somehow i find out from HP that the 8 pin connectors made by them can provide 225+ watts of power?