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  1. Ryzen 5 2600 RX 5600 XT 16gb 3200mhz ram Asrock Steel Legend b450m Motherboard Cooler Master MWE bronze 450 If you haven't, see my previous thread regarding my PC to have a little more information on what is going on. Basically, I have run tests and troubleshooted my PC and found that either the graphics card, or power supply is what is causing my games to crash. the only thing that stopped it from crashing, is underclocking the Graphics Card in the Radeon software, but not touching the voltage. Is there any way to 100% determine whether its the GPU or PSU as I
  2. sorry for late response, I have marked the solution but will summarise it in 1 sentence, reinstall windows. I think its a virus that came with a program that you've downloaded. From what I can understand, the virus 'latches' onto a vital part windows 10 (in this case, "system"), so that it can hide with system processes, and when an application is loaded (I have no idea why its specifically Minecraft) the virus 'activates' and starts using the graphics card to start mining for digital currency or something of the sort. Inform me if my explanation is wrong because this is all
  3. Card is factory overclocked, I havent touched a thing I keep the card under 60°C I tried driver version 20.1.3 and the crashes still happen I don't have second graphics card to swap with
  4. It will be a while before I upgrade so nothing specific in mind yet, do you think I should get a power supply with less wattage?
  5. It would be a waste but would prevent the need to buy a new power supply when I upgrade
  6. Of the power supplies listed, which should I take? My pc has a RX 5600 XT, Ryzen 5 2600, Asrock b450m Steel legend and 16gb of ram
  7. I will get another PSU soon but I wanted to know if there was anything I could do in the mean time. I have ran memtest86 and the results showed no errors
  8. If I couldn't get a beefier PSU, is there some other way I could decrease power consumption to my gpu safely to make it stable?
  9. yeah it is the RX 5600 XT I did. no difference, stayed at a 5-10 fps range
  10. Task manager shows 'system' going to 99% usage when playing Minecraft I think its some sort of virus but idk how to get rid of it It starts as soon as I load up a Minecraft world Soon as I quit Minecraft, it goes back down to appropriate idle usage
  11. The thing is, it's only games that are crashing. I ran furmark and I got no crashes. is it still possible its power supply?
  12. its one cable for the 8pin sorry Im new to this lol