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  1. I have a stupid question and please don't hate me for it cuz I'm curious and unable to actually test. Due to the availability of speakers in my hometown, they're either 300-400% of the normal price or simply lack of stock. Options as below. Please advise, thanks. Right now most sony, samsung, LG speaker/soundbar out of stocks except DVD/blu player combo. JBL in stock but only speakers above $600. I will list whatever is available now and my budget is about $300. I want to keep the budget lowest as possible but willing to spend if it is worth it and within my budget. logitech z50
  2. Hey guys I would like to know if there is a huge difference in sound quality between gaming audio sound bar and proper audio sound bar at the same cost? Example: Razer Leviathan or sound blasterx katana vs Samsung/Sony/Yamaha I only want to know in regards to sound bar as I do not have any experience with them and was against them. I already have Onkyo HT-R695 with custom 7.1.2 in my living room. I just need a mobile/space saving/clean setup for my new pc desk and there is no space to place separate speakers. And also are gaming audio products are that bad?
  3. My bad for forgetting to reply on this. I found the problem and wasn't anything to do with whatever we thought I was facing. I forgot to mention that I'm using Cooler Master GPU Vertical Bracket V1 PCIE3 and therefore classic issue of PCIE 3 and PCIE 4 not playing well which somehow random slow boot/no post/BSOD and etc. I got everything up and running after changing PCIE 4.0 to PCIE 3.0 in BIOS and this is what I got. ADATA D60 3200mhz 16CL OC to 3800mhz 16CL. All test passed with no errors, tested with memtest86 via USB Bios, TM5 extreme@anta777 config, Prime95 and needless to say, Aida64.
  4. Hey guys since I changed my mobo from MSI B450 Tomahawk Max to X570 Tomahawk, I been having issue with POSTING. It'd stuck in loop cycle before posting with EZbug CPU flashing which can take between 2 to 5 minutes. After diagnosing all the parts, I found out the slow POSTING is due to PCIE riser cable but may be in a weird way? I used the same CM vertical mount+riser since B450 and there was no issue before. How I fix the slow posting is that I changed BIOS PCIE_1 manually to GEN3 instead of Auto. If I tested with GEN4, the same issue is still there. So I assume that MOBO+CPU are having
  5. Yes I have tried both latest and beta versions of Bios but none can do a better job than the other. Even at 3600mhz, I cannot do tighter timings than 16-18-18-36. I understand settings on MB won't be carried forward to the next but I was just expecting much better result on this X570 Tomahawk since my B450 Tomahawk max did a great job at OC RAM and undervolt CPU. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. So meaning to say that I can't really return this board for this reason right?
  6. Hey guys I bought msi x570 tomahawk a few days ago to replace my b450 tomahawk max. Previously with b450, I was able to OC my 3200mhz cl16 to 3800mhz cl16 with tight timings (took me almost a week to fine tune). But now with x570 tomahawk, I can't oc past 3600mhz cl18. I have adata xpg d60 3200mhz cl16 CJR. I re-tried with b450 again and it works perfectly at 3800mhz. So after all the swapping and experimenting, I concluded that either this x570 tomahawk doesn't play well with my ram or this has bad ram/memory control? Is it something that I can ask to exchange/return/RMA or something? Other t
  7. I just didn't know what else to reply In anyway just letting you all know that I went ahead with MSI X570 Tomahawk. I do not owe to any brand and as a consumer with limited budget, I would rather spend my money on a product which is more value than being loyal to a brand or their ethics. Thanks everyone though.
  8. Unify isn't available here I checked. I'm looking for overall value, great vrm, least 2 m.2 slots with pcie gen 4 speed and etc.
  9. At where I live, the prices don't go back down. Depending on the brand and supplier, prices are set likely until the stock are out. So I'm pretty much stuck with the limited market here. This is for my work pc (photo and video editing) which currently has 3900x.
  10. Hi I'm getting X570 board tomorrow at my local computer store and thinking of getting myself MSI X570 Tomahawk. When it was about $200, X570 Tomahawk was well regarded X570 board to go for. But since it is now almost $300, is it still worth it to buy X570 Tomahawk? Is there any other board around the price that would do a better justice? Thanks.
  11. They are too pricy for me right now. And I do not need that much cpu power. Better VRM, better VRM thermal. Also I know it sounds silly but onboard ARGB controller.
  12. This is my rig. When I built this rig, the main purpose was only for gaming and nothing else. But since I will have to do my photo and video editing/rendering at home (covid19 stayhome), I notice that there is some lag/minor hang once I import lots of data into project or more heavier rendering. I use Adobe photoshop and Premiere Pro mostly. Since this is just needed only until the end of covid19, I do not wish to invest on something big $$$ like 3950x but want to do minor upgrade. What you think I should upgrade? I will also tell you what I think as below. Feel free to tell me anything but my
  13. Yeah I know it is different and may be cooler but I'm a bit OCD in symmetry. Can't handle top and front panels being inclined/declined per ce. Cuz I place it on desk parallel to the edge of my desk. So I will see the case and can be triggered
  14. You mean to say you removed the included filter entirely and use a different front panel or put back the original front panel back on the case? I know I really like how it is but honestly I do not like top and front panel. They look weird to me.