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  1. Instead of an idea for a video, I have an idea for a series. It's probably shit, but who knows, maybe people would watch it. The idea is, a series of "completely truthful and unbiased reviews", kinda like the "10 ways X is just better", but taken up a notch. Cherrypick only the best parts about a product and make a review with them, as if it were the 8th world wonder, and do the same with it's rivals, and post the videos at the same time to avoid confusion for people seeking real reviews. Would be interesting(to me at least) seeing a cherrypicked review of I
  2. It worked. Thanks for the help.
  3. Will try repairing it using the USB then, hopefully the result won't be the same as the one I got last time. Would cloning the MBR partition from disc 0 and the entire disc 1 to another drive fix it? I have spare HDDs if needed.
  4. Thing is, I already tried booting it with disc 0 phisically disconnected from the PC, and I couldn't rebuild the MBR, even using a flash drive with windows installer. It said access denied. And if I try to boot disc 1 directly, it says that no OS was found, though I'm using it right now. Will swapping the connectors on the mobo fix this? Seems weird to be that simple considering what I said above.
  5. Tried doing that, didn't work. My PC is treating the drive with Windows installed as a secondary drive for some reason.
  6. Weird, had no idea this existed, even though I'm subscribed for years. Guess I got Youtube'd out of a notification. Thanks.
  7. Tried to replace some HDs, and found out that my boot drive isn't my drive C:, meaning I can't boot without having both connected. Wtf do I do now? Didn't even knew this was possible.
  8. I have a suggestion for TechQuickie. "Why do Win32 apps leave so much junk behind when you uninstall them? And why Microsoft doesn't incentivizes developers to make their apps' files stay in the same place?" Long live portable apps.
  9. I remember seeing something along those lines a long time ago, don't remember where tho. Even the PSU was "watercooled".
  10. Even more of a reason to wait for the 4th gen. Supposedly 3rd gen pricing will drop.
  11. Are you in a hurry to build this PC? Don't think it's a good idea to build a machine with a 2nd gen Ryzen when the 4th gen is literally just a few weeks away.
  12. Hear me out. "ANCing the entire house". It's an interesting concept since more people are working from home, and from what I've found in a quick search, there's only 1 company, Silentium, that promises to do something similar with some of their products. As someone who lives at like, 50 meters from the sea, it would be a godsend to be able to open my window without having to bear with the continuous noise.