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  1. Yes, using right now. Am not at home rn, will do it when I get there.
  2. Is it possible to make a homemade DNS server? The default one from my provider goes down frequently, and Google/Cloudflare's have quite a lot of latency where I live so they are annoying to use. Thought about searching servers with low latency, but don't trust them since they don't have a big company behind it.
  3. Pretty much this, but with a mechanical keyboard.
  4. Am in Brazil, so the format in the OS is sunday as the first day of the week, but in LibreOffice it seems to be monday.
  5. I've been using a simple spreadsheet to track down the due dates of bills I have to pay, and something that has been bothering me, is how the week counter ends on Sunday/dom while the conditional formatting "this week" ends on Saturday/sáb. Is there any way where I can change one, or both, of them?
  6. iirc this kind of workload uses lots of graphic memory, so a server running Quadros would probably be your best bet.
  7. A gaming computer built in, or below a tenkeyless keyboard. Maybe a modded NUC or a laptop board in a custom enclosure could work.
  8. Wow, thanks man. This is pretty much everything that I was looking for. The only thing that's missing, is voice control. Do you know/use any?
  9. I feel so dumb for not looking into GitHub before posting the question... Thanks. I wouldn't say that I "know what I'm doing", although I'm familiar with the things you described. Will do some more research. From what I understood, you're pretty much doing what I had in mind. I was actually thinking if it would be possible to turn private home clouds into a business. If companies have it, why can't normal households also have it too, right.
  10. I thought so. But how much would "a lot" be? Can a single person do it by himself?
  11. It's meaningless to do that considering the global shortage of chips.
  12. Would it be possible to make a homemade "cloud", with storage, access to security cameras, electronic doorbells, thermostats, voice control... All locally? Instead of giving away your data to Google/Amazon/Microsoft to mine, just keep it locally. Obviously things like voice commands would be a lot more limited, but personal assistants still don't work that good anyway.
  13. Instead of an idea for a video, I have an idea for a series. It's probably shit, but who knows, maybe people would watch it. The idea is, a series of "completely truthful and unbiased reviews", kinda like the "10 ways X is just better", but taken up a notch. Cherrypick only the best parts about a product and make a review with them, as if it were the 8th world wonder, and do the same with it's rivals, and post the videos at the same time to avoid confusion for people seeking real reviews. Would be interesting(to me at least) seeing a cherrypicked review of I
  14. It worked. Thanks for the help.
  15. Will try repairing it using the USB then, hopefully the result won't be the same as the one I got last time. Would cloning the MBR partition from disc 0 and the entire disc 1 to another drive fix it? I have spare HDDs if needed.