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    8gbx2 2666mhz
  • GPU
    Xfx rx 580
  • Case
    Deepcool matrexx 55 mesh
  • PSU
    Corsair cx550
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    Samsung cr50
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    Deepcool gammaxx 400 ex

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  1. the biggest load the cpu takes is probably gaming, im just worried if motherboard will last
  2. so i got h310 motherboard from asus. its really most low end motherboard i could get to support i5-9500. right now i have this cpu power limit set at 80watt and undervolted by 0.100mv. hottest vrm is at 45c when in prime95 small fts. so will the motherboard last for 1-2year before i upgrade to something better and if it wont last can it damage something?
  3. try to find better rx 580 version that cooler is really weak.
  4. So i got the new cooler and its pretty beefy. Fan speed is 500-1500 and its such an overkill that its at 500rpm when idle but when im doing something its stays at 500 and goes quickly at 45c. Wanted to set cpu fan speed lower limit as 600rpm but when i do so the fan speed becomes red and when booting this pops out both pics included. When doing manually its works but when doing so nope. So anyone knows what's wrong and if i can fix it?
  5. dont buy anything yet if you can some, good budget gonna come out January-February.
  6. no its not cpu bottleneck definetely. when i raised the power limit of gpu by 10 watts it wastn downclocking anymore but heat is the tradeoff. i5 9500 wont bottleneck rx 580 i think
  7. psu is more than enough corsair cx550 and rx 580 is from xfx. 145 watt is enough got it undervolted and at 1400mhz and witcher 3 is the only game where i noticed throttling because of tdp
  8. no its not psu throttling just gpu has power limit to 145watt
  9. so when i was playing cyberpunk the gpu(rx580) power usage was around 120watt and when i was playing witcher 3 it was constantly at tdp of 145watt and would underclock because of not enough power. so why is that some games can work with less power usage
  10. dunno man. if you have phone and you do probably u should buy new phone if yours fine right now. if you have decent pc buying xbox doesnt make sense. if you buy switch you will have to buy 60$ games if you can afford it go for it. if you dont have good headphones and into good audio than buy headphones but if you are really into good audio. or imo best option give me 300 and u will be epic,
  11. cant change thermal paste because the heatsink screw is so stripped that its impossible to remove. it has mx4 right now and it was applied around 3 weeks ago. version is xfx so cooler is weak. tops at 79c in furmark with power limit raised by 2% and fans at 55%(2000rpm) thinking of buying new gpu when new 300$ category gets released and it will be available in stock. so will it last like this until around 2021 june? in games temps arent too bad. in cyberpunk was around 65-70c. have 3 fans for intake and 1 for exhaust.
  12. ok i can wait but i dont have much hope it will be in stock ever and if it will be in stock in my country prices will be doubled.
  13. maybe rtx 2060 or rx 5600xt. on amazon prices are double msrp
  14. motherboard doesnt has the rgb header so i need rgb fan header. kinda got sick of putting shirt on glass side panel at night cuz led cant be turned off on these fans and pc is straight to the bed. also would be nice if it was 3 fan bundle under 50$