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  1. Solved the problem by putting the sticks on slots 2 and 4 , thanks for the help !
  2. The ram is put on slot 1 and 3 , should it be on 2 and 4 ? I don't see how anything else would have to do with it going 3200mhz.Everything is working fine , no errors showing up in device manager also. The ram is Patriot Viper 4 Series 16GB DDR4 3200MHz CL16 Dual Channel.
  3. Ok , so I updated the bios to last version 1004 , problem still persists , the 3 shut downs followed by the bios error (The system has posted in safe mode. This may be due to the previous post attempt failing ...)and me needing to go back to switch to auto , tried enabling the DOCP , does the same thing , the settings DOCP does are : Ai Overclock Tuner Auto -> D.O.C.P memory frequency Auto -> 3200 DRAM CAS# Latency Auto ->16 trcdrd Auto ->18 trcdwr Auto ->18 DRAM RAS# PRE Time Auto ->18 DRAM RAS# ACT Time Auto ->36 DRAM Voltag
  4. using a ryzen 5 3600 , i followed this tutorial to enable DOCP and i got same stuff except I got D.O.C.P instead of D.O.C.P standard: bios version is : 0603 x64
  5. I enabled the DOCP profile , but it still does the same thing.
  6. Hello, I just changed my gigabyte b450 aorus m to an asus tuf gaming b550m-plus due to some audio issues. On the last mobo i could XMP the ram to 3200mhz and it would work , now it's on 2133(auto), when i select it to 3200mhz and save the bios change , my pc turns off 3 times , then it says it failed and need to set it back to auto speed. Does it have anything to do with the voltages ? I have them on Auto ( 1.2 i think)
  7. I think I tried some sort of adaptor , didn't try dedicated video card tho. Should I even bother sending the GPU in warranty cause of the coil whining or they won't care about it ? Also , will getting a different sound card degrade from the integrated sound that I've got on that mobo?(only gaming)
  8. Hi So i bought a pc recently and it's causing me trouble.The setup is: ryzen 5 3600 16gb ram rtx 2070 b450 aorus mpsu psu seasonic S12III-550 80+bronze , 550w The problem is I've got autio interference from other components inside my case.Whenever I move my mouse around I hear a sound or whenever I scroll,move a window around,whenever the cpu/gpu gets louder so does the sound inside my headset,another problem i've encountered is when im playing a game on max settings my gpu is making a buzz sound,but whenever i for example press the window key t