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  1. ok actually i did check with Malwarebytes before i reformatted and it said 0 problems found, and i looked in task manager and control panel for anything that might have been bad, and couldn't find anything, i had backed up everything, reformatting fixed the problem.
  2. ok, i guess I will, that will solve it, even though deletes everything, thanks
  3. i didn't mean to name my user minecraft, but i can't change it
  4. also before this i did a virus scan with malwarebytes and nothing was a problem
  5. So my computer has 32gb ram and just idling (google chrome is open to write this but nothing else) I'm using 17gb ram, so i opened up task manager and it says 53% ram usage, I looked to find if any apps were using it, and none were, so i looked into the users and it says that my user is taking up about 1.2gb, also none of Windows's things seem to be doing this either, I really need 32 gb ram for what I'm doing, can anyone help?