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  1. So basically there's no hope for my use case? Concerning your last remark, I can walk around the house with my headphones connected to my phone without any disconnects while the phone remains in one room.
  2. My current Bluetooth dongle sucks and keeps disconnecting. It also refuses to pair my headphones and xbox one controller simultaneously. I'm looking for a new dongle which allows me to game and listen to audio wirelessly without losing connection and with a fairly decent range. Would greatly appreciate any help.
  3. Oh. So you can't connect multiple bluetooth devices simultaneously?
  4. I'm trying to connect my Bluetooth headphones and my Xbox One controller simultaneously to my PC, but for some reason this refuses to work. I hear terrible interference on my audio. Any ideas how I can solve this.
  5. I just did a fresh install of Windows, that didn't solve my issues. I'm quite confident it's not the PSU since that's brand new. I'll try updating the BIOS, thank you.
  6. Recently my computer has started freezing on startup, sometimes requiring multiple hard reboots before finally working satisfactorily. Strangely, however, the computer performs perfectly once this initial hurdle is overcome, not freezing at any other moment. I have no idea why this is the case but I would really like to solve the issue. Would greatly appreciate any help.
  7. So there is no way to have both headset and controller connected over bluetooth? That seems like a major problem right?
  8. This doesn't make any sense to me. When having both my Xbox controller and headset wirelessly connected to my desktop, everything is fine until I fire up a game and then get a massive framedrop. At the same time, the audio constantly interrupts. However, if I connect my headset to my phone, the problem disappears. This doesn't make any sense to me.
  9. My power supply is Corsair CX650. I have a DDR3 Fury Hyperx 8GB stick in there, should I add a second? I know 770 runs at 1080 low, but I'd like to experience ultra settings, that's why I want to switch. When will the 3060 come out? I was under the impression 2060 was the newest 'standard' consumer card. I'm cleaning out my system now, I am on an SSD. I think I reinstalled windows a couple of times. Can you give me some expected benchmarks for 2060/2070/3060 with MH World on ultra 1080p? Thanks a lot!
  10. I've been getting back into PC gaming lately and I'd like to be able to play MH: World at 1080p 60fps, so I want to upgrade my GTX 770 to an RTX 2060. I'm quite ignorant when it comes to PC hardware however, so I was wondering whether the upgrade is worth it (that is, achieve the desired result) and whether the rest of my setup isn't going to bottleneck it. I'm running an Intel Core i7 4770K and 8GB of RAM. Would greatly appreciate any help. PS: I'm also having problems with complete computer freezes on startup (forcing me to manually restart the PC) which I'm blaming on the age of the 77