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  1. As the title states, the past 3 weeks or so, my render times have increased by a good amount in Premiere Pro and I have no idea why. The only thing I changed was installing an Elgato 4K60 PRO (PCIe 4.0 slot. 2nd slot on my Asus X570 Wifi Motherboard). Rendering a video in 1080/60 that was about 60 minutes in length, would take 30 minutes. Now something like that is taking closer to 45 minutes. What's stranger, is when I start the render the estimated time will say what's normal but then the time goes up AND as the % goes up, the estimate hovers around the same number for a
  2. Well shoot, guess I didn't look hard enough LOL I think my issue was that, on Amazon there was a bunch that seemed to be the same. So is the EdgeRouter X the best option I guess for what I'm trying to do?
  3. So in simple terms for the noobs like me, with AMD processors these CPU temps could be causing my performance issue or no? Also, if I have a stock wraith prism, even if it's a thermal reapply, should I just get something like the Noctua D15? Would that give me the best performance possible out of my CPU? The problem is, everywhere I've searched some people say these temps are just for longevity, and others say it DOES impact performance. What I need most right now, is my Video Renders to not take an extra 5-10 minutes like before haha I need efficient performance. I haven't Overclocked i
  4. Unfortunately, I can't find the EdgeRouter X in Canada. Do you know of any other solid non Wireless Routers that can support 1GB speeds? Hopefully something that doesn't break the bank even harder than I've already broken it LOL
  5. So then the Modem plugs into the WAN on the Edgerouter, and the Edgerouter plugs into the WAN on the Wireless Router?
  6. So by putting it into Access Point Mode, it would only handle the Wireless signal via being connected to the Edgerouter X with a single Ethernet Cable, correct? And if so, which port on the Access Point Router?
  7. So, are you saying go Modem to let's say the Edgerouter X, and from there into the Wireless Router upstairs for Wireless Signal, and also from the Edgerouter to any of my Ethernet devices? So basically 2 Routers and a Modem? And a Switch if I need more ports yet? haha So with Switch it'd be Modem | Edgerouter | | Switch Wireless Router | | | | Ethernet Devices
  8. So the way my setup is with our new Cable Internet, our Modem is in the basement with my PC and gaming consoles which all need to be hardwired. The Wireless Router is upstairs in the Living Room BUT, we have ONE Ethernet Cable running through the floor to the basement. I know ideally you'd run the Modem to the Router then the Router to everything else. That would require a 2nd Ethernet cable through my floor. So my question is, can I just get a Managed Switch and go Modem to the Switch, and then Switch to everything else? So Switch to Wireless Router for Wireless Internet, and also Sw
  9. So as the title suggests I have 3 different issues going on, all at once. Yay me haha Hope someone can provide valuable info for even just ANY of these issues. 1: I only recently started monitoring my CPU temps, cause I noticed my PC has suddenly become a bit slower the past couple weeks. I render a lot of videos for YouTube, and my Render times are slower than normal. For example: Before whatever the video length was, it'd take half that time to render it. 1 Hour video = about 35 mins to render for example. 40 min video = 20 min render. But now a 1 Hour video is taking closer to 45 m
  10. So as the title states, I'm in search of a great 1440p monitor that can do at least 120hz that has TRUE HDR. I want it primarily for PS5/Xbox Series X, but also plan to get an RTX 3080 at some point. I know a lot of people will say that you need HDMI 2.1 for 4K 120hz, but HDMI 2.0 will do 4K/60, 1440p/120, or 1080/240 just fine, which most PS5/Xbox Series X games will likely not hit 4K 120 anyways. SO, I was considering the LG 27GL850, but it seems to have a fake HDR that's not very good anyways. To me, HDR is more important than 4K, because it allows for deeper blacks, brighter whites