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  1. Yes, you read that right. AMD lowest tier of graphics card announced at the recent event, costing only $579, beats Nvidia's top of the line RTX 3090 that costs at least $1499. Albeit, this is only in Battlefield V @ 1440p. However, this is just adds insult to Nvidia's injury, and it something I've never heard of happening ever before. (If you if any instance where that happened, please let me know). Source: https://www.amd.com/en/gaming/graphics-gaming-benchmarks Edit: Small correction. this happens to also be the case for Forza Horizon 4.
  2. I had a feeling for that. Kinda feel the same for tp-Link, honestly. Thank you for input, but I think I'll pass on this, even though it's like 30% on Amazon now. Probably for a good reason.
  3. Yup. And for any advice, or instructions. Like when someone asks me for direction I keep doubting myself all day.
  4. https://www.dlink.com/en/products/dir-x5460-exo-ax-ax5400-wi-fi-6-router Any experience with this? Plenty of Amazon reviews are complaining about range issues, so I'm not too sure. On paper it looks nice, but I'd appreciate someone with hands-on experience. Alternatively, what do you guys think about D-Link products?
  5. There is a way to satisfy demand. Part of production and logistics is to predict the demand and preemptively ramp up production. AMD seems to be doing it, but let's see how that turns out.
  6. You sure about that? AMD seems to be coming swinging at full-force.
  7. Nvidia announced that they're expecting their RTX 3080/3090 shortage to last well into 2021, leaving their customer boiling at their seemingly cold response to the F5 mania, and the scalping debacle. Nvidia had a practically unprecedented demand and market potential that has be stacking up since 3-5 years ago, with people holding on until that golden leap in performance finally worthy of their aged savings. And what was Nvidia's attitude? "Well, honey. Guess you gotta keep an eye out and wait. Teehee ;)" In normal circumstances, that would've been fine. They practically
  8. I've looking around to upgrade my router to something compatible with WiFi AX. The best thing I could find is this. However, it seems that only 1 5GHz band is AX, the other one is AC. Also, it seems that if this router is used for a mesh network, the AX is utilized as a back-haul, and the routers becomes an AC router. The issues seems to persist even if an Ethernet cable is used as a back haul. Does anyone have recommendation for a fully AX WiFi router? None of the "partially" AX business, please. Thank you!
  9. BZ's is probably the video I have many issues with. One of those is the "how easy" just stabbing it with an oscilloscope and monitoring is. It's not that easy because it will take a very, very high sample rate oscilloscope with appropriate high-frequency probes. At 2 GHz clock speed, the rise time is in picoseconds, and so should be any dips. To be able to see the square wave somewhat reasonably, you'd need an oscilloscope that can sample the at least up to the 3rd harmonic of of the 2 GHz clock, in other words you need at least a 6 GHz oscilloscope, which costs around $15K. Even t
  10. There was no begging or asking for any sort of donations, and nothing like that was advertised or linked. There wasn't any name for any project or page mentioned. There is even any funding page or project related to that subject, as far as I know. It was a question of "How interested is community in the subject. Is it interesting enough that they'd be willing to contribute financially to it"? Anyway, it's not important to the post, so whether it's removed it doesn't change the subject.
  11. To proper investigation, it would take more expensive equipment than I have. Thank you for the suggestions, but in text it might be too technical and hard to understand. It'll be probably easier for everyone to just setup a record screen and demonstrate the performance with a couple of simulations. As per Dedayog's suggestion, I'll make a video that touches on the subject theoretically. Start simple, you know? I'll see if I'm allowed to post the video here in the forum, and if so we'll see how people react. If they're interested, I can continue from there, if it dies, it dies.
  12. That's the problem. I'm not a Youtuber or anything, nor am I planning to be one. There's isn't really any incentive for me to make a video or a bigger project out of it. Many, if not most Kickstarters projects are media project where someone is making a video about a subject of interest. I've also seen similar posts to mine bearing fruit to something bigger. But all of that is secondary to my main point, which is discussion about the subject. Someone told me it was an open and shut case and that the community no longer cares about it. But I would like to hear from more people.
  13. So, would just a theoretical video without any practical application be interesting enough for you to watch?
  14. Understandable, and I'm with you. It is something I want to do regardless of people willing to chip on or not. If someone interested in helping, sure, if not at least for making the video it be nice to know if someone would like to watch it rather than going through the effort of making a video no one wants to watch. Working on project AND filming makes things 2x slower. Anything in particular you want to touch on or learn?