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  1. is there a topic I can read more about this and how to do it?
  2. Hi, I have the below rig, almost all new i7 9700k @5.00ghz @ 1.29v Asus Prime Z390M Plus Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super 4x8GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro @3200mhz Seasonic Focus FM 650w Gold I'm getting annoying micro stuttering in some games, sometimes light games as below Games with the issue Far Cry New Dawn NFS Heat CoD BO4 Watch Dogs Legion Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Games with NO issues Mafia 3 Overwatch Anno 1800 Planet Zoo Resident Evil 2 The Division 2
  3. Hi, were the issues fixed, my local store just got Gigabyte Aorus Master RTX 3080 and I have concerns over crashing and other issues in early release.. thanks,
  4. Hi, I currently have i7 9700k @5.0ghz and 2080s and im getting rtx 3080 AIB, can my seasonic handle it ?I cant buy new PSU now, and the card is on the way. I ready that some issues from the rtx 3080 is due power issues or cables? thanks,
  5. Hi, So my local PC store got his hands on few Gigabyte Aorus Master RTX 3080, But I wasnt able to find much reviews on it nor benchmarks, anyone have it? how's the temp? capacitors?...etc thanks,
  6. Hi, How does CPU and motherboard lanes work? does storage media like SSD, NVME share lanes with GPU, therefore, sharing GPU bandwidth? For example my i7 9700k have 16PCIE lanes and my Z390 chipset have 24 PCIE? who is sharing what?
  7. Hi, I have i7 9700k @5.1ghz @1.31v, I ready that cache ratio should be few ghz lower than the core ration, in my example I set it to 4.7ghz. but I wasn't able to locate an explanation about what is cache ratio, what does it do? does it increase performance? should I lower it to get more core clock? thanks,
  8. Hi, I noticed some games have DLC named HD texture pack or similar? what is this? does this make the game crisper? add new settings options? affect performance? why wont they just added to the original game download and have it activated in game.? thanks,
  9. Hi, I have Gigabyte Rtx 2080 super gaming OC which should draw around 250 watts but mine only draw around 210 watts although running at 100% usage, 1950mhz core and 8900mhz memory, my PSU is seasonic focus FM 650 watts thanks,
  10. Hi, I have a tablet that is connected to the PC and charged all the time even if the PC is off, I want to know if this is ok? is the PSU powering the USB ports or the board battery? specially when the PC is off thanks, Khader
  11. Thanks for answering, I already own I7 9700k, and multiple shops in my country have discount on z390 boards and giving that there is not much of a difference between 9th, 10th and even 11th gen (Apparently) so ill stick with my current CPU for few years now, Regarding AMD, I have bad experience with them and not considering a move to the red team although they have very good line of products. I have Asus prime z390 plus, low end z390 board, doing ok with it but since there is a sale why not upgrading the board.
  12. Hi, Im confused between 2 boards below https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/TUF-Gaming/TUF-Z390-PRO-GAMING/ v https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/Z390-AORUS-PRO-WIFI-rev-10#kf My main concern is power phases and overclock headroom, The asus have 8 power phases as per techpowerup and 2 for memory, the Aorus have 12+1 phases byt doubled from 6 as per their website does this mean Asus is better? thanks, Khader
  13. Hi, I have Seasonic Focus FM 650W Gold powering the below: i7 9700K @5.2 @1.33v Asus Prime Z390M Plus Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super Gaming 4x8GB Corsair Ven. PRO RGB I noticed that 12v is not always reading 12v sometimes lower as attached for CP, same issue for GPU. is that a problem?