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  1. Okay thats awesome. I was a bit worried haha. Dont have any pc experience so didnt really know what it meant. Thanks mate. Appreciated
  2. Hello everyone. So yesterday I finished building my first gaming pc. It was a smooth process and overall didnt have any issues. However, theres one thing that concerns me and that is that the debug led on the motherboard lights up. This is what happens: When I try to boot, the gpu debug led lights up white for 4-5 seconds. Then it turns off and the BOOT debug led lights up for 1-2 seconds. After that, the pc boots normally without any issues. I can play games. I benchmarked it and the gpu does just fine without running hot or any other issues. If it matters: I have a ry
  3. Anyone? Any reply is appreaciated
  4. Hey everyone! Well, yesterday I finished building my first gaming pc. I didnt have any issues and overall it was a smooth process. There's only one thing that troubles me. Everytime I turn my pc on, for the first ~5 seconds, the monitor doesnt open and the debug led lights up on my motherboard on the ''VGA'' section. This lasts around 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the light turns off and the debug led of ''BOOT'' lights up. Then 2-3 seconds later, the debug led turns off and the pc boots normally. Is this normal? Its my first every build so I have no idea what's causing it. I dont kn
  5. Thank you. I ended up buying the 6700 xt. Bought a 50$ cheaper model (gigabyte gaming oc) than the 6800 or 6700xt sapphire plus. Hope I wont regret my choice haha
  6. So, as the title says, im between buying the RX 6800 or the 6700 XT. I have ALREADY ''booked'' my rx 6800 here and a month but I have no news about the card since the store that sells it, hasnt received ANY news from the manufacturer, so it could take a month or maybe even more, for the card to get to my hands. However, I just received a call today from the store informing me that they have an 6700 XT available RIGHT NOW on the store and they have put it aside for me.Its the Sapphire Nitro+ model. So I need to make the decision on if I want to buy it or not. Some info that will help you unders
  7. Noted! I didnt think about increasing the speed of the intake fans. That will work. Thank you
  8. I got one more question though. I realized I have a Be Quiet SilentWings 3 fan. What if I place 3in the front as intake and 3 at the back/top as exhaust? Will this still be an issue?
  9. Thank you! I will do that. Also I will watch JayTwoCentz's video. Somehow missed that
  10. Hmm I see. That will be easy to fix, considering I have all fans needed for that. It will just mess up the ''look'' a bit but I dont really mind that, to have an overall better system. Thank you
  11. The case comes with filters both in the front and at the top
  12. Hello guys. So im about to build my first ever gaming pc in the Meshify C Dark TG case. Its an amazing case for airflow as Ive seen from reviews but Im a bit confused on the way airflow works. The case comes with 1 fan installed in the front as intake and one in the far back as exhaust. Both 120mm. I will be removing the exhaust fan and will place it in the front to have 2 intakes. Also, I will put in the build 3x corsair ll120 rgb fans. One in the back as exhaust and two at the top, as exhaust again. So: 3 exhaust fans (2 top, 1 back) 2 intake fans (2 front). Is this oka
  13. No worries! Thanks for your help mate Anyone else who has any tips? Anything is appreciated
  14. Yup I know mate. I mentioned in the post that 850w is overkill but I got a really good deal on that psu so decided to go with it. Have some extra upgradeability space for any future upgrades too. Also, I have something special for Corsair products haha
  15. Yes I thought about this but didnt wanna spend money and then end up selling the gpu few months later. I get where you are coming from though. Thank you