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  1. It was 9,378INR back then but because I bought my laptop from there the same day they gave me a discount and it then costed me 7,800INR.
  2. Well that's a relief but no I don't see any option matching what you just wrote so yeah I guess I will have to live with it. I have shared a shot of the settings menu below so if you see it please let me know
  3. Well that sucks coz I bought a 10 year subscription for this
  4. I bought it 3 years ago when I bought my laptop. At that time I was not much of a online shopping guy so I went to a computer store I knew was good and this was the best one they had at the time. So is it bad now or what?
  5. I was just watching a movie on my laptop the last night when suddenly my data limit reached (It's 15 GB/month). I just thought I should check my data usage and found out that my antivirus used 1/3 of my data in just 7 days! What the hell is this?
  6. I'll die using my computer without ground lol. It already shocked me real bad.
  7. I don't have a choice I think coz the retailer's customer care no. is shut down until January 2021.
  8. So do I have to buy a different cord now? Is there any other solution? I don't have any other cord in the box. There are just unused sata and pci cables.
  9. Mdcomputers.in Psu is Thermaltake tough power Grand RGB 750w
  10. Yes it is but why did I get a European style plug? I live in India.
  11. Just built my PC, started it and got shocked. Discovered that there is no ground prong on the power supply outlet. Do I have to buy it separately or what?
  12. Do you have another computer or laptop? If yes then remove the hard disk from this computer and check it in another computer. And if no, head to your motherboard manufacturer's website and see how you can run hard disk and memory checkup.
  13. Weird, the os failed to identify the problem. When you were in windows did you see anything abnormal like graphical glitches, unexpected errors or something? Have you updated windows or drivers?
  14. Everything seems fine. Use 3dmark and Cinebench for benchmarking.