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  1. Have you had any luck with this? I got a 1660s and was hoping to get something better for 1440p while using the 1660 encoding and the other for palying
  2. I have a 1660s and either praying Tech Jesus himself smiles upon me getting a 6000Gpu or if Steve is a dick maybe a 5000 but could i use the 1660s for streaming encoding while using the other card for my acctual moiter and gaming?
  3. idk I don't remember I havent really used/had a pc sence like uhhhh XP?
  4. I'd like to do this for only apps i trust or should i just make my acount admin? This is for my personal computer BTW
  5. It's seems to be locked Behind being official warranty loss OC thoughts suggestions how do I do should I do it ect?
  6. should i try going higher and what do i need to do if its not hiting those speeds up the voltage or something? or should i just go up on xmp untill it stop autoing properly?
  7. xmp on with 3200mhz SPD info was all the same if it matters *shrug* Also is see that this is but is it right? how can i tell nothinh here says 3200mhz unless in the x2 thing where 1600 x2 is 3200
  8. oops already checked that too says its in dual mode and xmp idk userbench mark thinks it's under performing idk
  9. New bulid and bulider here turned on xmp in bios saved and exited userbeanch mark is sating to turn it on any idea why? PS: already doube checked the bios
  10. future proofing is a defiantly a(n) misnomer/oxymoron I just mean it in my personal context that the build I put together will still be half decent in like 5-10ish years