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  1. I just received a reply and they just ask for order info and shipping for fix kit. There’s also an NZXT blog update on it now that says it’s related to a short from the riser cable and a securing screw: https://blog.nzxt.com/details-on-h1-case-safety-issue/
  2. It seems there's a problem with H1 cases shorting and causing fires in some capacity. However limited it may be NZXT is having all correspondence go through email to their customer support and not really putting out any other info yet. My guess is they want the right people online to do an official write-up/release. Does anybody else have any experience or more feedback from NZXT regarding this problem? I sent off the email asking for more information and as disappointed as I'd be to have to go back to my old case I think I may be doing that later this weekend to be safe
  3. Makes sense. I saw a post on reddit of someone claiming linkup is making a better shielded riser cable to help with this https://www.reddit.com/r/NZXT/comments/izgs20/nzxt_h1_3080_750w_custom_build_the_h1/g6nvrbv?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
  4. I had issues with any video going extremely slow (youtube, twitch, and local files), and also my audio device (output to monitor) kept disappearing. Setting the PCIEx16 mode in the BIOS to Gen 3 fixed all these problems. Not going to worry about upgrading the riser cable until I see reports that there's a benefit for GPUs.
  5. I'm running an Asus B550-I Strix, safe to assume it'd be fine as well, possibly with updated BIOS?
  6. OK played hell for the last 6 hours. Just got a PNY XLR8 GeForce RTX 3090 Gaming EPIC-X RGB card to replace an Evga 2080 XC ultra hybrid. and I could not get it to load a driver. It would load and fail almost immediately causing my screen to go black for a few seconds and work for a few seconds. I have 2 systems almost the same specs and after reading this realized both have a riser cable pcie 3 ... on X570.... guess what works prefect when i put it directly into the slot ... no easy task mind you. LOL Wife will never let me live this down.    

    1. Meronar


      Looks like someone else replied to my thread and says it was an early issue that was patched. I'm not sure if this means they automatically will revert to PCIe speeds instead of changing it in BIOS like I'd read, but maybe try a BIOS update if you really want to use the rise and let me know how it goes? I'm on B550 myself with a 5700 XT so we'll see how it goes when the case comes around.

  7. I've heard that if you use a PCIe 3 riser cable with a PCIe 4 GPU and video card it can cause issues, and you need to set the slot back to 3 in BIOS. I recently picked up an NZXT H1 and wanted to know if anyone could verify this for me so I could pick up a new riser cable before the case arrives rather than having to wait for that too. Thanks for any help!