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    ItzMadMan got a reaction from ItsMeRachata in Have Linus tried to Overclock a Monitor?   
    So, there is an app called, CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) that makes your Monitor Hertz or Resolution bigger. I tried it and it actually worked! I tried to push my Laptop Display from 60 to 61 Hertz and it works, i tried on my Living Room TV, and you know what? Its a 75 Hertz TV now, but the Resolution overclocking doesn't work for me tough, what about overclocking a 360 Hertz monitor to 400 Hertz Monitor! Its the same Hertz as our eyes! I have a feeling that it doesn't work tough. But i guess, worth of shot, Linus?
    So then lets get started!
    So first download CRU : \https://www.monitortests.com/forum/Thread-Custom-Resolution-Utility-CRU
    All the tutorials are on there
    WARNING! This might make your GPU Unstable! So, take your own risk!
    And if you have errors like Resolution not supported use another HDMI ports on Monitor, on Laptops, use a TV, then delete the OC Options that you just make, and it will work again.
    Oki then Good Luck!
    And btw its not a virus so don't worry
    That message make me a little bit sus but i don't really care.