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  1. i3 10100F+H410M Motherboard is around 5$ cheaper than the Ryzen 3 3100 + B450M Mobo on my country. I am kinda into game FPS now that's why i choose intel. i might wait until 11th gen i3, if its 15%+ faster than the 10th gen one, i am in.
  2. Budget (including currency): 704$ Country: Indonesia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: BeamNG Drive, Minecraft, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, PC Building Simulator, GTA V, Adobe Photoshop 2020, Adobe Premiere Pro 2020, HandBrake, Recording, Encoding at 1080p Other details A 1080P 75Hz Monitor, i3 10100F Compitable Motherboard, a GTX 1650 Super, M.2 SSD 512GB 1GB/SEC Will buy it in 2 months or so
  3. 1Gbps will do, maybe 50 people can play at the server at the same time without lag on a 16GB Server.
  4. I run Minecraft Server on an i5-8300H and an 1TB SSHD, 8 Gigs of ram, its fine! But you might need an high speed internet so the players on the server won't lag out and you must make your internet to port forward. Windows should be a great idea. Minecraft server Performance i heard it depends on single core performance. Correct me if i say wrong
  5. Original Windows, same license, same Windows 10 Home Edition, also my laptop has an built in Fan Control app (it's already available at the laptop when i buy it) i just click FN+F5 it will change to : Silent, Balanced, Overboost. No idea how to uninstall it, i already tried Downgrade my BIOS to Ver.317 it just gives me like +20MHz Also i saw that Intel i7-1165G7 has 1.69 GHz, i don't know if this is true but i kinda feel if my CPU can outperform that i7-1165G7, there is also an i7-1165G7 that has 2.81GHz that has 28 Watts, its +1000 Points than the i7-1165G7 15 Watts that i am talking abo
  6. Hello my name is MadMan, i have an ASUS TUF FX504GD From 2018, So the problem started when a Ransomware virus has attacked my laptop and makes some of my files turn into random file. Because that i decided to reset my Windows 10 on my laptop. then i see that before on All Cores, it was running at 3.0GHz ( 45 Watts ) and now it goes down to 2.5GHz! ( 25 Watts ) i fixed it by make the laptop to go to sleep mode and turn it on again. But that's too long, Gamers DOESN'T WANT TO WAIT TOO LONG! soo i found out that i was updated to BIOS Ver.319, maybe because the BIOS limited the CPU Power? Ple
  7. I am a Content Creator. my pc has an SSHD That can go 128MB/sec. But i am confused. my GPU is great, its an GTX 1650 Super. but why? why is my Premiere Pro 2021 is taking 2MB/sec, that's low! even when its lagging it takes 4MB/sec! Please Help! This problem makes my editing experience super bad. <redacted by staff> Thanks!
  8. My mom and the modem's ISP are the same. Ethernet have better speed but its still unstable.
  9. How much is the Antenna? in front of my window there is a metal that can degrade Wi-Fi signal.
  10. My mom's phone doesn't support 5Ghz, both of them running 2.4Ghz.
  11. So, i play minecraft on minecraft server almost every time, and of course you want a good experience when u play online games, i got a new wifi, in speedtest its 5x better than the old one, but ITS ACTUALLY NOT, i got MASSIVE Internet lag spikes every 2 seconds! ITS NOT EVEN PLAYABLE! I AM CONFUSED! My new wifi actually work like an phone hotspot. but i use my mom's phone hotspot, IT WAS RUNNING FINE! Please help! btw here is the modem name Huawei B312-926 PLEASE HELP I WANT TO PLAY WITH MY FRIEENDSS!!!!
  12. so i have to get the LCD and then buy 30 Pin Display Port to HDMI and it will work?
  13. So i am a Streamer. And Streamers want to see their Live Chat. But if they didn't have any 2nd monitor, they can't do that, so, i have an Acer Aspire E5 575G i5 That got yeeted by water back in January, 2017, well, it cannot turn on, but, the display still work and the laptop has an HDMI port. so before i test my old laptop if it can be a 2nd monitor, i ask people first in Linus Tech Tip Forums if its worth a shot. Here is the whole Story : October, 2016. i was 8 and i really want an Gaming Laptop to play GTA V, asked my dad and my mom, and they said they have no money, my mom told
  14. i have another ISP on my house, i tried port forwarding with it, the issue is WAN And LAN Port are difference its number-number not just like 25565
  15. My ISP is FirstMedia (i called it Shit Media because its expensive but slow) Also how do i check if i am on CGNAT?
  16. I have my sister's laptop but she use it all day idk if she has free time or not...
  17. So i got Cisco DPC2320, and i also got a Minecraft server, the only thing is, my Friends cannot join, i found out i have to turn on Port Forwarding on my Router. i did that and i also turned off the Firewall at the Router Settings, but the port is Closed, btw what i filled at the the LAN and WAN port is 25565 on Both. and that's Minecraft Server Port right? I changed Server Properties, but i never messed up with the Port Numbers. I just turn the Online mode to False so my Friends that has cracked Minecraft Account can join, please help! I wanna play with my friends this is 2021 and its still
  18. Idk man, i am 12, my mom wouldn't buy me new things when i have 1 on my house. I mean, it's so hard to say that i need a LAN Cable Upgrade to my mom. but will try, what's the name of the LAN Cable that can go Gigabit?
  19. Speed from ISP tough, its Unlimited, so it depends on the Router. now the router that i am using has 150Mbps Max Wi-Fi Speed.
  20. Speed & Duplex already on 1Gbit Full Duplex. Cable condition tough well, some of the cable covers broke down, my mom fixed it by using electrical tape. but idk if its still working.