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  1. Hello, so, i am a competitive player, i like to play CS:GO, Minecraft Multiplayer, And some videos Uploading, when i play Games like CS:GO the Wi-Fi is running fine actually, after 4-6 Rounds my Wi-Fi gets some lag spikes, I have Wired Connection, Best settings on my LAN Controller, and more, but still the same things, when this happened i am like "It was useless when u have a Good High End PCs When U Have Bad Wi-Fi!" So, please help me to bring back the new performance of my Wi-Fi, ik you can't just increase your Internet Bandwith for free, But 11Mbps is good for 3 People right? So then
  2. So, there is an app called, CRU (Custom Resolution Utility) that makes your Monitor Hertz or Resolution bigger. I tried it and it actually worked! I tried to push my Laptop Display from 60 to 61 Hertz and it works, i tried on my Living Room TV, and you know what? Its a 75 Hertz TV now, but the Resolution overclocking doesn't work for me tough, what about overclocking a 360 Hertz monitor to 400 Hertz Monitor! Its the same Hertz as our eyes! I have a feeling that it doesn't work tough. But i guess, worth of shot, Linus? So then lets get started! So first download CRU : \https://www.mon
  3. i5 8300H, GTX 1050 4G GDDR5, 8GB 2667Mhz SODDIM RAM, 1TB 5400RPM HDD.

    ASUS TUF Gaming FX504GD

  4. Ohh ok, any idea to turn on QoS on that Router i have? i think that router is from 2009 lel and maybe some idea to Update the Firmware??
  5. Hello, i need help, i have a ASUS TUF FX504GD, it has a Gigabit Port, but when i check, its running at 100Mbps, I set the lan to 1Gbps Full Duplex, still doesnt work, is it the router? its Cisco DPC2320. Pls help, if you guys can help i will pray so you guys have a longer age to life lol. Anyways, thanks!
  6. I cleaned my Laptop and its not Thermal Throttling anymore, so i have thinking of Overclocking, i know its a Locked Model, but i think Linus said, If you turn the Voltages up, the CPU will run in higher clock speeds. so my plan is i want to turn up the Voltage, i tried it a year ago, it ended with Blue Screen but still alive. My laptop just get fixed 2 days ago, and i am scared it can broke again.
  7. I tested my GPU using Minecraft Shader + 4K Resourcepack, ts running on 30 FPS lel, It maxed out 91 Degrees, and always at 90 Degrees, so, maybe good idea to clean CPU and GPU fans from Dust? And actually my parents buy a TV and my laptop LCD broke so i use the TV to play. And when it fixed it self? And actually its not GTX 1050Ti, Its GTX 1050 Mobile GPU, maked me confused because normal GTX 1050 Has 2GB VRAM, while mine is 4GB, my laptop is ASUS TUF FX504GD
  8. So, i am a competitive guy and i just got 75Hz monitor, i am a CS:GO player, a day ago it was fine, until something happened to my GPU, i was playing CS:GO on lowest settings and my Laptop Graphics Card MUST BE more than 180+FPS (GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5) Until today, my CS:GO runs at 100FPS On LOWEST SETTINGS AND SOMETIMES IT GOES BELOW 70FPS, I checked the temp it maxed at 81, Is it Thermal Throttling? pls help me to fix this issue, I am getting bulied
  9. Thanks guys, i solved the problem i have to go sleep mode and turn it back on, thanks guys, and also maybe i will get a new Cooling Pad for my laptop, or... buy a computer, my laptop's ankle is broken and idk what to do now. Once again Thanks!
  10. 2000 Points is Awsome! the only thing is now the fan is very dirty, and maybe that cause the Thermal Throttling, i do anything you say, and sometimes work and sometimes not, maybe the AC Adapter is the thing here, i have 1526 points on Cinebench R20 last time i see, and it was 3.1 Ghz all cores and its Thermal Throttling and makes the CPU Frequency down to 2,9 GHz while still running Cinebench R20 Render Test, and i hear a Battery makes CPU's performance reduce?, i have a cooling pad on my laptop and it's dying somehow, i run every Render Test on Overboost fan speed,
  11. I use kuda and it runs about 40-50FPS, but yesterday when my CPU is not Power Limit Throttling, it was running fine with about 30- 35FPS
  12. Yesterday, i tried to Cinebench R20 my CPU (i5-8300H) and it got 1175 Points, on ThrottleStop the max Temp was 71 Degrees, Max TDP was 25Watts (Power Limir Throttling, Normal 45Watts) and its running all cores at 2,3GHz - i restarted the Laptop, then something magicly happened, my CPU goes up to 45.2Watts at full load and the max frequency changed to 3.0GHz at all cores, i got 1435 Points at Cinebench R20, i restarted the Laptop and then it goes Power Limit Throttling again and makes the CPU to go back to 2.3Ghz. Please help so i can get 30FPS on SEUS shader on Minecraft.