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  1. I installed XTU with no force install, but sadly it doesn't do anything to this problem.
  2. Hello so I have a i3-3110M Laptop, Running at 2.4 GHz, looks fine but the Max TDP of this thing is 35 Watts, mine runs at 2.4 GHz at 15 Watts, this is a old laptop that's why I need the most performance out of it. So I checked everything like Clock Speeds and Power Consumption, and its running 20 Watts below the max TDP, no thermal throttle and power limit throttling. Maybe there is some steps to get it run at 35 Watts?
  3. I have a DELL Vostro 2420 Laptop – 14”, it has a warning message saying The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined. The system will adjust performance to match the power. Please use DELL 65 Watt AC Adapter, turns out the charger was broken, the pin inside the charger are bent. So I got another charger from another DELL laptop, its an DELL Inspiron 14R N4010, it uses an 65 Watt AC Adapter and it's still not working, the pin inside the charger are good, the charger plugged in into the laptop fully, I think this makes this Intel CPU inside this DELL Vostro laptop runs at 1.20 GHz
  4. So I have a DELL Vostro 2420 14, it has Intel® Core™ i3-3110M, it have a broken Charger, the pin Inside it are bent, so it says "AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined please insert DELL 65 Watt Power Adapter bla bla bla" so I switched my charger to my other OLD DELL Laptop, it was a DELL INSPIRON N4010 it has Intel® Core™ i3-370M, I absolutely don't know that is the charger is 65 Watts because the specs on the AC Adapter is, kind of oofed, so I plugged it in and its the same! I tried to turn off Intel SpeedStep®, doesn't do anything, also my RAM Speed is 1067 MHz rather than
  5. I did realize that when i was changing the refresh rate of this display. The power connector is not loosen, i tried with other panel it worked but the other panel is cracked lol.
  6. I didnt drop it on a non certified repair shop, we did have a trusted technician but his store is closed and my sister picks a random store! She is a moron. She makes all of this happened and she blame it to me and she DOESNT want to drive even 20 miles away for ASUS Service Center! I am very mad and stressed right now that Another 100$ is gone And you know SHE DOESNT WANT TO DRIVE TO THE SERVICE CENTER FOR THE LAPTOP TO GET FIXED IF I AM 18 I WILL DRIVE TO THE SERVICE CENTER MYSELF
  7. If i go out i die. The mall is closed because you know it..
  8. Actually i have a broken ankle at january 2020 (the time that the 1920x1080 panel was replaced) but the technician just slammed the lid and.. you know what happened. Then the technician makes a deal with my mom to do a 50 50 so he can buy a new panel, turns out it was a downgrade and realize it 1 months later. Btw the 1920x1080 panel is from ASUS TUF FX504GD. if the 1920x1080 panel wasnt available, its IMPOSSIBLE that mall has alot of store that sell laptop parts maybe HALF of the store in the whole mall is a laptop parts store. And actually i think that the 1920x1080 panel didnt actually
  9. I am very sorry but my sister dont want to drive 40 miles away to the service center, so she drove to like a electric mall and just drop my laptop there thats how i got scammed, my laptop warranty is gone so i have to pay more, and i believe i still have the 1920x1080 panel is still on my house storage but i don't know if its still working. This 1366x768 is working is working from 2020 january - 2020 october and then the backpanel dies and its fixed by another techinician and he forgot to plug my laptop camera and THINKS that the GPU is fried and he tried to make me to buy a new motherboard, b
  10. Hello people, so my LCD on my laptop isnt stock anymore, the stock display is 1920x1080, but some stupid scammer nerds just changed it to 1366x768, its working but ISNT THAT A DOWNGRADE??? Idk since the stock display can just do 60Hz and this display is 75Hz, then the Backlight dies makes the LCD half alive, so rather than getting scammed again i wanna fix it myself, this happens 2 times and the first one is fixed by a technician but sadly i dont have his contact and i didnt see how does he fix my lcd. So this is dumb, i need to fix this! But i dont know how. I need a light beh
  11. Hello there, so this issue happened 2 times in my life, 4 months ago and today. 4 months ago this is fixed by other people so i have to pay, but not today, this time i have to do it myself instead of paying 20 dollars, my sister said the repair guy didn't do anything to the display or the 30 pin cable, so anyone know how to fix this? so this is when i didnt use flashlight nothing happens, when i use flashlights its visible but kinda hard to see
  12. Fun Fact : the "Another Laptop" is a Dell Inspiron N4010 lol, anyways i got this laptop for free from my sister's school, guess they aren't smart but they want their student's smart! Btw thanks for helping!
  13. Correction, the BIOS says the RAM speed is 1333MHz and i cannot change anything about it. And even the BIOS says 1333MHz, the RAM still runs at 1068MHz. I tried it on another laptop it runs at full speed.
  14. Hello, i have a Dell Vostro 2420, i have this laptop since 2014, and i've been playing games on it, like GTA San Andreas lol, since the RAM in this thing is 2 GB i upgraded it to 2x2 GB 1600MHz DDR3 SO-DIMM Memory, and i also upgraded the OS from Windows 7 32-Bit to Windows 10 64-Bit. But then 1 problem, my RAM Speed is 1068MHz instead 1600MHz, CPU and Motherboard does support 1600MHz RAM but i don't know why it runs at 1068MHz! It feels really laggy! lttstore.com takes 10 Seconds to finish loading!!! i also break something on the RAM Slot, no not the pins, some metal things i don't know.