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  1. So do i have to buy something to combine 2 ISPs?
  2. So i have 2 ISPs no.1 is a 40 Mbps and ISP no.2 is 60 Mbps, So combining them i will got a good 100 Mbps. 10MB/S! But i don't have a mikrotik device. Maybe i can combine the ISPs without using the mikrotik device?
  3. streaming is at 8000kbps because my wifi has 8mbps upload speed, recording is at 15000kbps. quality preset.
  4. I don't stream that much but here is my PC Specs i5-8300H 4C/8T 4 GHz GTX 1050 Ti 4GB VRAM (OC) 1911 MHz 12 GB DDR4 2666 MHz SO-DIMM RAM 512 GB M.2 NVMe SSD 1 TB SATA III SSHD Performance Shadow Of The Tomb Raider High Settings 63 FPS Forza Horizon 4 Ultra Settings 73 FPS Connection Wired Up to 300 Mbps Download Up To 200 Mbps Upload
  5. So I was using OBS for a year, still cannot found a perfect settings for my Laptop, it has NVEC but still when recording games its Pixelated with a lot of frame drops. But when I record a video from Youtube I got amazing, AMAZING Quality, its just doesn't look like it's recorded, its like you download the video from Youtube quality! But in games got frame drops, pixelated and other crap, but OBS doesn't show that the Encoding is overloaded, the game is running at 80fps but the recording is running at 30 even if I set the FPS to 60, this is confusing for me and I want to see if someone can help
  6. i dont have the thing you guys typed, i have hose but the water pressure is bad.
  7. Then make sure it's 200% dry before even considering to plug it in again. i know i dont need to desolder it, i just wanna make my keyboard better lol, everyone lube their switch by desoldering the switches from the pcb or something, i just dont have the tools to professionaly lube it thats why i said i am sad lol
  8. should i do it with the pcb revealed, or just reassamble the whole thing and put it in the water, i dont have a dishwasher.
  9. i am a sad poor gamer i dont have desoldering tools, and others, i cannot even buy a proper lube, i am so sad.