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  1. I am a Content Creator. my pc has an SSHD That can go 128MB/sec. But i am confused. my GPU is great, its an GTX 1650 Super. but why? why is my Premiere Pro 2021 is taking 2MB/sec, that's low! even when its lagging it takes 4MB/sec! Please Help! This problem makes my editing experience super bad. <redacted by staff> Thanks!
  2. My mom and the modem's ISP are the same. Ethernet have better speed but its still unstable.
  3. How much is the Antenna? in front of my window there is a metal that can degrade Wi-Fi signal.
  4. My mom's phone doesn't support 5Ghz, both of them running 2.4Ghz.
  5. So, i play minecraft on minecraft server almost every time, and of course you want a good experience when u play online games, i got a new wifi, in speedtest its 5x better than the old one, but ITS ACTUALLY NOT, i got MASSIVE Internet lag spikes every 2 seconds! ITS NOT EVEN PLAYABLE! I AM CONFUSED! My new wifi actually work like an phone hotspot. but i use my mom's phone hotspot, IT WAS RUNNING FINE! Please help! btw here is the modem name Huawei B312-926 PLEASE HELP I WANT TO PLAY WITH MY FRIEENDSS!!!!
  6. so i have to get the LCD and then buy 30 Pin Display Port to HDMI and it will work?
  7. So i am a Streamer. And Streamers want to see their Live Chat. But if they didn't have any 2nd monitor, they can't do that, so, i have an Acer Aspire E5 575G i5 That got yeeted by water back in January, 2017, well, it cannot turn on, but, the display still work and the laptop has an HDMI port. so before i test my old laptop if it can be a 2nd monitor, i ask people first in Linus Tech Tip Forums if its worth a shot. Here is the whole Story : October, 2016. i was 8 and i really want an Gaming Laptop to play GTA V, asked my dad and my mom, and they said they have no money, my mom told
  8. i have another ISP on my house, i tried port forwarding with it, the issue is WAN And LAN Port are difference its number-number not just like 25565
  9. My ISP is FirstMedia (i called it Shit Media because its expensive but slow) Also how do i check if i am on CGNAT?
  10. I have my sister's laptop but she use it all day idk if she has free time or not...