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    PC Hardwares repairs


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    Intel® Xeon® E5440
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    Gigabyte GA-G41M-S2P
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance (2x4GB @ 1333MHz)
  • GPU
    XFX Ghost Radeon HD7950 3GB
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    Custom glass test bench (under dev.)
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    SSD - 1x Biwin 120GB Sata
    HDD - 1x Barracuda 1TB Sata
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    C3Tech PUF-400S - 430W (tested)
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    1x LG 22" - W2284f
    1x Samsung 19" - T190
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    1x 80MM rGb - Northbridge & RAM
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    K-Mex KMJ9
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    K-Mex MO-D837
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    Windows 10 Professional
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    iPhone 5S

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  1. Hello tech maniacs! I'm wondering if any GPU/Hardware Guru can help this mere mortal Normally when a graphics card come to me it's a bad BGA soldering or something "basic". Last one was a GTX780Ti that had a real hard OC: broken BGA on the processor, on processor's VRM controller and the memory VRM controller...But yeah, worked perfectly after re-soldering, no complains so far (and the client was really happy). Right now i'm working on a PNY GTX1060 6GB (Probably i'm staying with this one, it's giving me so much headaches that i deserve to keep this ). It's not from any
  2. The clock isn't that much higher, you can archive 3.20GHz or more with the Q9400. But on favor of Q9550, it has double the cache and almost the double of transistors on the chip. The LGA775/1 is way limited on RAM speeds and sizes (i think that today 8GB@1333MHz is pretty much nothing), having double the cache will help your RAM and CPU to run smother. About the transistors, it will heat and consume the same, but it will run much stabler and will run better heavy tasks (but can have higher peaks of energy). It's your tower that don't support PSU swap?
  3. Core2 Quad is WAY more powerful than Core2 Duo. Two plus cores make many difference, but it shows as 9% performance increase cause this particular Core2 Duo has more single-core performance (2x3.33GHz) and the Core2 Quad wins on multi-core performance (4x2.66GHz). And well, this percentage is relative to a I9 9900KS, so makes sense to see this little increase between Core2 family, if comparing JUST the Core2 family you would see almost 100% increase between 2 to 4 cores. Besides, those benchmarks takes raw power as reference, not real performance. See this benchmark with both 3.0GH
  4. Hello beautiful people! I bought a GA-G41M-S2P to upgrade from my G31 chipset (have an AM3+ and LGA1155 Mobos, but i love my LGA771 ) The problem is that i have dual monitors and a HD7950 with a problem on HDMI that i didn't solved yet. (But i'm going to buy a DP adapter if i can't solve this) Well, if i boot just on the HD7950 everything works perfect, less than 10s it POST and boot to windows, runs Far Cry Primal at ultra and other heavy games with a solid 60fps. If i boot just on onboard everything goes great too, it POST and boot fast, games run as you would expect for a
  5. Hello guys! How you doing today? So, my refurbished XFX HD7950 with the "Ghost Thermal Technology" is having some thermal issues. Normally it's stay at 80°C in furmark, but today when i opened JUST the Epic Store it was +70°C on underclock and 30% usage. (not even the "normal" temp is right, but i guess that i figured out what was wrong). My experience with electronics repairing tells me that someday the heatblock unglued from the plate that actually holds up everything, and the old owner fixed back with regular silicon glue doing a very poor job. With poor contact the heat stress
  6. Yeah, i think it's pretty interesting to repair anything, always worked on electronics maintenance. But is sad to think on tons of electronics being wasted, mainly because no recycling methods are 100% efficient or clean. And many things are so easy to repair... Wall-e movie didn't teach anything to peoples. Actually i upgraded from a 9600GT to a GTX550Ti, then a HD7870 and now i have a HD7950. All of those had to be repaired, the 9600 was a capacitor near VRM, 550Ti was bios issues, 7870 and the 7950 had broken BGAs.
  7. It's a shame, they only support their newer and more expensive cards (i guess they don't provide repair services for those too). In USA and countries alike is cheap to buy a RTX3000 series, but some countries like mine a used GTX1050 can be pretty expensive, that would explain why repairing graphics cards could be a wonderful thing. I guess that this make such a big tech waste! I worked since a kid with electronic, always liked more do to repairs than assembling a new product or even designing, that's why i'm trying to start my own company for computer and electronics repairing.
  8. Hi folks! Continuing the graphics cards repair learning saga XD So, digging deeper and deeper on PC repairing i encountered some barriers. Got yesterday a GTX560 with two broken capacitors in that messy circuit just under the chip, and troubleshooting this area of the board without a schematic can go from something like "i will break my head, but i can figure out what's happening" to "oh hell, already 60h without sleep? Is this a resistor or the graphic chip?". In this situation i was wondering if it's possible to buy any documentation sort of a "service manual" for a graphics card
  9. WOW, that was fast yeah, my old GTX at full load was around 80°c or higher, i guess that 57°c is perfect. Going to make my idle temp lower, but dont want to make the fan loud (really dont mind the fan loud af at full load). *EDIT Actually found on ASUS HD7870 FAQ the normal temperature for this board and it's idle temperature without spinning the fan is about 55°C. I keep the 40°C idle temp, but now the max temperature is about 71°C to get a more silent range. ASUS FAQ About the SpeedFan i made a tweak on register and is now fine.
  10. Hello guys! Bought some days ago a Sapphire HD7870 Dual-X OC for like $9, expecting some things to be wrong of course, but would be a good upgrade from a GTX550Ti. So i did a reflow on the chip's BGA, bought a pair of new fans, and mirrored the plastic part of the fans connector on the PCB. I guess that when pulling the fan connection off, the plastic part come together and they put back inverted. It's working just fine, have been stressing the board in games, with programs, and no problem so far. The only thing that dont worked was the fan PWM control, the circuit was wrecked af, so i